10 Signs you’ve been working in a call centre too long

10 Signs you've been working in a call centre too long

10 Obvious signs you’ve been working in a call centre too long

There is a lot to love about working in a call centre but let’s face it, no one dreamt of working in a call centre when they were growing up.

And even when people are working in a job that requires them to be on the phones all day with a headset, many are even in denial that that actually even work in a call centre anyway.

And how many just started with a view to just being there for a few months while “I search for something better to come along”?

But whether it’s the allure of the fast-paced work environment, the formation of some great friendships or perhaps or enjoying the power of the mute and disconnect button a little too much, weeks turn into months, months into years and so on.

So how do you know when you’ve been working in a call centre too long?

Well, we crunched the numbers, did the exit interviews, visited the psychiatric wards and tracked down the long-term sick leave employees to get to the bottom of the telltale signs you’ve been working in a call centre too long…

OK, we actually didn’t do any of that, but we still hope you have a laugh!

 Here are 10 signs you’ve been working in a call centre too long: 

10. You feel like doing this when someone threatens to “take my business elsewhere”

Cause lets face it, losing this awesome whingy whiny customer is really going to just destroy your entire business…NOT!


9. You do this when you hit ‘ready’ and no calls come through

That overwhelming sense of joy just rises up and has to be released! I mean how good is that feeling!




8. You are finding it increasingly difficult to act sincerely when a customer complains.

Customers have been complaining about the same issues for years and they’ve never been fixed so I’m just, well, let’s just say I couldn’t give a shit.


7. You say this to yourself about 65 times a day.

Seriously just how stupid can some people be??? ‘N’ for knife? Really?

P.S We’ve got a great Phonetic Alphabet you can print off and stick to your screen/monitor etc so you sound all professional and stuff.


6. You’re worried you’re going to do this if one more person complains about the hold time.

Oh thanks customer, I had no idea we were really busy until you just told me and whinged about it for two minutes (which just makes everyone else wait longer). Idiot.


5. Hitting the disconnect button takes you to your “happy place”

Nothing like the instant gratification of hitting that disconnect/end call button and making all the pain go away.


4. You are borderline hysterical when a call drops in seconds before your shift ends.

Why is the universe continually punishing me???? I just want to log out and go home. Now. Please let me just go home.


3. You couldn’t care less when someone wants to speak to your manager (sort of)

No worries let me put you through cause I’m sure they will tell you something different…




2. You start taking drastic actions when they are looking for someone to stay behind to help clear the queues.

The minute my shift ends I’m out of there and you are just kidding yourself if you expect me to do anything above the bare minimum.


1. You spend a large proportion of your shift daydreaming about a system outage that will stop the calls coming through.

Power outage? Broken monitor? Fire drill? Anything to give me a break from this crap!


Before you go…

If you related to a lot of these then heed the warning signs – it might just be time to say goodbye to the call centre industry ?

Seriously though, we love the call centre industry and think it’s a great place to have a career – there are lots of great things about working in a call centre so don’t always believe everything you hear!

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