Telstra Philippines call centre
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New 3,500 seat Telstra Philippines call centre opens

A new Telstra Philippines call centre has opened with 3,500 seats in Manilla. The move will continue to frustrate Telstra’s customers who are already frustrated with customer service delivered by offshore call centres. And in a double blow, its a sure sign more local call centre jobs will be lost.

Ways to become a more human manager
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Learning to be a Human Manager

Becoming a more Human Manager and demonstrating some emotional intelligence is becoming a core ingredient of being a succesful leader. We share ten practical tips you can use that will help you engage with staff under your care that doesn’t cost a cent to implement.

Offshore call centres

Do call centre accents impact on customer service?

By now you’ve most likely had an experience with an overseas call centre so have you ever pondered do call centre accents impact on customer service? Latest research from The University of Adelaide explores the relationship between communication and customer experience. But is