CX Hustle Podcast S1E1 Introduction
CX Hustle Podcast

The CX Hustle Podcast Introduction

Join Justin Tippett as the host of the CX Hustle podcast as he brings you the latest tips, insights and trends specifically relating to Customer Experience (CX) and call centres including interviews with key Call Centre industry leaders.

is swearing at work OK
Call Centre Health & Wellbeing

Is swearing at work OK?

If you already have a potty mouth and find yourself swearing at work you may be doing yourself a favour according to a new survey. Or you could be fired…

ASTIA upgrade to larger premises to accomodate growth
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ASTIA upgrade to new and improved office

Less than a year after the official launch, ASTIA Customer Engagement Centre in Sydney has upgraded to a new and improved office space to accomodate additional clients and allow for further growth.