About CX Central

About CX Central

How it all started

Like many great ideas, CX Central (formerly known as Contact Centre Central) started as a concept over a few drinks (OK a lot of drinks) about how we could try and change the perception of call centre work which at the time, was certainly not seen even remotely as a viable career choice.

Back then, and to a lesser extent to this day, the only information we read about the contact centre industry was either negative press “about those bloody telemarketers” or from vendors trying to sell us something. Our goal was to change that by producing and sharing content that is not primarily driven to satisfy sponsors or shareholders but to educate, challenge and inspire our audience, and the broader business community, about the positive impact the call centre industry makes to individuals and to the success of a business.

Our Purpose

The purpose of CX Central hasn’t changed from day one:

  • To provide information to practitioners of CX and Contact Centres that educates, inspires and challenges excellence.
  • To promote the Contact Centre industry as a career.
  • To provide information to the broader business community on the critical role the CX/Contact Centre can have on their business.
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The Evolution

Whilst we started with a call centre focus, over the years we have evolved to broaden our approach to the entire customer experience journey, albeit we still think the contact centre is the beating heart of CX for most businesses!  Yes, the customer channels may have evolved to more than just phone calls, but the realisation that delivering a great customer experience and the associated benefits to the staff and the bottom line is stronger than ever.

Our Approach

We’ve always been very conscious of not contributing to the constant spamming of our audience as ultimately it achieves nothing for the audience or the advertiser. We’ve found in Australia in particular, that our audience likes to be inspired, challenged and entertained and its this approach that now sees us with over 30k CX professionals who follow our content across the various social channels.

We often get asked about our audience demographics. “We want decision makers!” is often weaved into most conversations from the marketing teams. Sure they follow us – in fact, I’d like to suggest we are connected to most of them in Australia.

But is our entire audience decision makers? No. We’ve invested a lot of time and money into also building our audience at the front line (you know, the ones doing the work!) and we make no apologies for that. Do we make any money out of it? No. But is it the right thing to do? Absolutely. And if we can inspire a few people to make a go of their call centre career then we’d be pretty chuffed.

Over 18k CX Professionals already follow us on our Facebook page and most probably aren’t in senior roles today. Maybe one day they will, maybe they won’t. Either way, we hope our contribution has helped them enjoy their call centre experience a little more and armed them with a few extra skills no matter where they end up.


Publishing free content almost daily and sharing articles that do nothing other than promoting the industry or stimulate conversation is great, but that takes an ever-increasing amount of time and money to function.

Thankfully, with our deliberate SEO strategy and regular content we are now ranking in the top position on Google, or at least the front page, for the majority of keywords relating to CX and call centres.

This provides an increasingly good flow of high-quality traffic to our site and in turn, it provides businesses looking to target CX professionals the perfect opportunity to target CX Professionals via our Sponsorship and Advertising Packages, as well as our Business Directory.

Our revenue is derived completely from our Advertisers and Sponsors and we are always working on getting the balance right to ensure we provide great value for advertisers whilst not compromising the trust of our audience.

CX Group Australia

As our audience continues to evolve we’ve launched our supporting businesses including CX Central (you’re here now!) that now all fall under the banner of CX Group Australia. Our businesses comprise of  CX Skills (specialist contact centre training),  CX Connect (the smart sourcing solution for businesses looking for CX related solutions),  CX Consult (the small call centre consulting specialists) and FlexibleJobs.com.au (our new jobs website helping people find the perfect job to suit their lifestyle).

We aren’t, and don’t aspire to be the call centre industry association in Australia and will leave that honour in Australia to the Auscontact Association.

How you can show your support

If you think we are doing a good job and would like to show your support you can help as an individual and as a business:


Our growth continues on the back of us providing some great content without all the usual advertising and spam that typically goes with it. If you’d like to stay across what we do, please join us through one (or all!!!) of the following options:


With our audience of over 30k CX professionals, we provide a fantastic avenue to promote your business which in turn helps us keep doing what we love doing. We have a range of options to suit all budgets and objectives including:


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