CX Central Audience Information

Since 2011 we’ve been focussed on providing quality content to the CX industry catering to frontline staff and executives along with everything in-between! Our Advertising and Sponsorship packages include a range of different options to target your key audience but some quick facts if you are considering our packages:

  • We spend just as much time, if not more, catering to our frontline audience as well as our senior audience. It may not make us any money now, but we feel that investing in the leaders of tomorrow is just as important as the leaders of today.
  • We aren’t the partner for you if you just want to push out sponsored sales content to our audience.
  • We aren’t a digital marketing agency and we don’t have full-time staff working on our site.
  • We are passionate about supporting and promoting the CX industry and respecting our audience’s desire to learn, grow and be inspired.

You can read more about the CX Central history and approach here, but you just want to go straight to the numbers we’ve listed them all below. 

CX Central Audience Information

Key CX Central Audience Information

Audience Profile*

  • Management
  • Frontline staff

Management Profile

  • Senior Manager
  • Manager
  • Entry
  • Director
  • VP

Key Social Media channels*

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsletter

*percentage of total audience. Current as of August 2018


As well as all articles published through our Social Media channels leading back to our website, CX Central has an extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy that (with years of publishing content) has positioned us at the top, or at the minimum front page, of multiple keyword searches relating to call centres, contact centres, customer experience, customer service etc. 

This provides us with a steady stream of high-quality organic traffic to our website from customers looking for solutions to their CX requirements, making our website the perfect place to promote your business.

Key Data: In 2018 we are average over 13k users and 22k page views per month. Google searches and our Social Media channels are the two top sources of traffic.

Where to find CX Central

LinkedIn logo

We have three key channels on LinkedIn:

  • CX Group Australia – All our latest news, articles, resources and guides are published via our Parent Company Page.
  • CX Central Group – for Contact Centre and CX professionals based primarily in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Personal Network  – All key articles are distributed through Justin Tippett’s personal network of thousands of quality contact centre professionals established over decades of working in the industry.
Join the CX Central exclusive Facebook group

We have two key pages/groups on Facebook each with a very different segment:

  • Call Centre Legends – a page for CX and call centre professionals where we share funny call centre memes and local articles aimed at agent/Team Leader levels.
  • CX Central – a closed group just for CX professionals with great discussions, shared learnings and more.
  • Top cities by page likes: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Hobart, Townsville, Wollongong.
  • Gender = 69% Female.
  • We peak in the 25-34 age group.

We haven’t found Twitter overly effective in Australia however we continue to plug away… Follow us @CX_Central


Instagram is building as great channel to engage with some of our frontline staff audience however given the limitations of the platform, we use it mainly to publish our popular call centre memes. Visit us at @cxcentral

New for 2018! Our new website was released in early 2018 and we have moved some of our premium content to behind a (free) subscription wall as a way of building our member database. We don’t expect to gather huge numbers, however, those that make the extra effort are typically more engaged and our open and click rates are strong. 

When people subscribe, our members are provided with the option to select the type of content they want to receive from us – ensuring we only send them content they have expressly consented to.

Key member demographics: The majority of our member subscribers consist of senior CX professionals. Here’s a breakdown of expertise: Expert (31%), Advanced (36%), Intermediate (21%), Novice (6%), Fundamental Awareness (8%)

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*All figures as at August 2018