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Taxpayers are left short in call centre jobs boost

With jobs becoming an increasingly scarce commodity its not surprising that any government is keen to offer some incentives to companies promising more local jobs to Aussies. Over the past few years there has been several ‘deals’ that have been struck with local

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The Census Hotline Disaster

Another census, another census hotline disaster! With digital channels emerging this one was supposed to be easy but of course nothing went to plan…

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Outsourcer investigated by Fair Work Ombudsman

The Illawarra Mercury has reported that Illawarra Communications PTY LTD, also trading as IllComm and Datacall Communications who operate a 24/7 message answering service,  has faced the wrath of the Fair Work Ombudsman for underpaying call centre workers.  For those short on


Is it time to kill the Average Handle Time Metric?

We have all heard the business mantra “you can’t manage what you don’t measure,” and while this is true, an incorrect focus on specific contact centre metrics is the quickest way to drive the wrong behaviour and damage the customer


4 Call Centre Myths debunked

Call centre myths plague the broader business community so we hit back with some hard facts on why a call centres is a critical part of any business.

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Call Centre hotel is open for business

A call centre hotel is open for business in Sydney enabling companies to lease between 5 and 200 contact centre hotel seats on a daily basis. its the perfect solution for businesses looking for short or long term call centre seating arrangements.

7 GIFS about call centre life
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7 GIFS About call centre life

We reveal the common perceptions of call centre life and some of the funny views call centre agents have of themselves when working on the phones all day.

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Telstra axe another 326 call centre jobs

Telstra have confirmed plans that they are axing 326 call centre jobs from their Perth and Melbourne centres. A Telstra spokesperson confirmed that the Perth call centre is being completely closed with 94 call centre jobs disappearing and in Melbourne,

How to manage poor performers in your call centre 2019
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How to manage poor performers in your call centre

Having to manage poor performers in the workplace can be challenging but these 7 tips will help make it a little easier to firstly minimise the possibility and secondly, help you when the situation does arise.