Business Directory FAQs

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No matter what size your business is, any investment in marketing or promoting your business is an important decision. We believe in complete transparency when considering to add your business to our Business Directory so we’ve listed below all frequently asked questions we receive to help you make an informed decision.

Of course, if you still can’t find what you need please reach out to our Australian Based support team.

Business Directory FAQs

Are there any hidden costs I need to be aware of?

No. Our free level means exactly that, free. We’ve built this platform to make it easy for customers to search and connect with suppliers in the areas they need to.

For our paid options, there are no hidden commissions or referral fees to pay. You will receive a full 12 months (365 days) listing from whenever you pay and the leads go directly to you (to wherever you specify in your listing).

Can I purchase multiple listings?

Yes, you can purchase as many as you like. However, please note that the prices listed are per category. You can’t have more than one listing in the SAME category though. E.g. You couldn’t list your business twice in Outsourcers Australia category. You could, however, purchase one listing in our Outsourcers Australia category and one in our Outsourcers New Zealand category.

You are also free to mix and match levels so you could have a Classic Level in one category and a Platinum Level in another category.

Why is your pricing per category?

We find the customers that are using our directory are quite specific in what they are searching for. If we allowed multiple entries we find that businesses tend to spread themselves out leading to a poor customer experience and a less effective business directory for everyone.

What payment options are there?

You can purchase and create multiple directory listings automatically and pay by credit card in the checkout process. If you would rather pay by invoice, please contact us.

What order will my listing appear in?

For the free, Classic and Plus levels the listings appear in our Business Directory in the order they are purchased. As long as you continue your listing your position will be maintained. For our Platinum levels, we rotate the listing order each time the page is visited to ensure there is equal distribution for the top position.

Can anyone set up a listing using our details?

To protect your business, claims must be made from the same domain as your company e.g. john.smith@your  Claims made from email accounts like or will not be accepted as there is no way to validate the connection to your business so they will be automatically rejected.

Aren’t business directories old school?

Not at all! When someone is looking for information these days, short of asking a friend or colleague, the next method is Google and in fact, sometimes it’s Google first!

If you are looking for a service where we can help make recommendations and connect customers to the right business suppliers, check out our free CX Connect service.

Why you should add your business to our directory

In addition to being incredibly cost-effective targeted marketing, having a listing in our Directory allows your business to leverage off CX Central’s search rankings. It’s also the only Directory of its kind in Australia! 

When it comes to Google, the world’s most popular search engine, if you’re not ranking on the first page, you may as well not be there. CX Central ranks on Google’s first page and in many instances, in the number 1 position for numerous CX and call centre related search terms.

Having a paid Directory listing with us also boosts the search rankings for your website. It’s a win-win for you!

I can see my business is already listed in your directory, how do I claim it?

Read all about claiming your listing – it’s quick and easy and once you’ve claimed a listing, you can then upgrade it to one of our paid options at any time. You do not need to purchase a listing here if your business name is already listed – just follow the claim listing process.

What’s the benefit in claiming my listing?

When you claim a listing you are able to add 25 words to your business description to tell people a little bit about your business. From there you can then easily upgrade to our paid listings at any time to include contact details, website links, photos, videos and more. Discover more about claiming your listing.

Why should I choose a paid listing over a free option?

In just seconds, we enable people to search through our Business Directory to find what they need. As you’ll see in our pricing table, our paid listings have added features like enabling customers to connect instantly to you via phone or website, give your listing a boost with your logo so that it stands out from other listings,  and they can provide people with all of the information they need at their fingertips including videos, brochures, office locations and more.

A free listing is basic – there is no way for people to contact your business. This means they’re far more likely to reach out to another business that it’s easy and quick to connect with via the Directory.

Can I update the Directory listing details at any time?

Yes, you will able to log into your account and edit or update your listing whenever required.

What reporting do I receive?

For our ‘Plus’ and ‘Platinum’ levels you will have access in your dashboard to the amount of clicks your specific listing has received. This is restricted to the times customers clicked on your link to see the additional content on your page.

For all paid levels, you are able to use URL links with tracking codes enabling you to monitor clicks through to your website. This enables you to collate data directly on the source of your leads. If you are not familiar with how to do this speak to your marketing team or check out resources like bitly or Google URL shortner.

Being a directory however, there is no trackable data if people simply view the category your business is in and then make contact directly.  In this instance it is always good business practice is to always ask where customers obtained your details from!

How does the directory pricing compare to Google Adwords?

If you’ve already been experimenting with online advertising you’ll know how expensive and ineffective it can be. Using Google Adwords as an example, it currently costs over $70 per click* for someone looking for the keywords ‘call centre phone systems’. That’s $70 per click!  That person may be looking for a cloud-based contact centre platform, a dialer, IVR or maybe a desktop phone, some software etc. Google doesn’t care and you’ll pay regardless. 

Our Business Directory has carefully chosen categories to make it easier for people to search and find exactly what they are looking for. And our paid options start from just $295 for a full 12 months listing – the same price as just 4 clicks!

As an example, here is the current cost per click* prices using Google Adwords:

  • call centre phone systems = $71.50
  • call centre outsourcing companies = $46.32
  • virtual call centre = $43.21
  • call centre software = $39.85
  • call centre solution provider = $32.38
  • call centre outsourcing = $30.14
  • call centre technology = $29.74
  • call centre recruitment = $10.27

*Australian keyword CPC prices as of June 2018 using Ubersuggest

Ready to order? Compare and order below

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$0.00 year
  • Business Name
  • 1 x Category
  • 25 Word Description
  • *NO contact details or links included
$295.00 year
  • 'Free' level +
  • 50 Word Description
  • Company Logo
  • Business Address
  • Contact Number
  • Website URL
  • 1 Search Tag
  • 'Classic' level +
  • 75 Word Description
  • Your own landing page
  • Display lead contact
  • 2 x SEO Backlinks
  • 3 Search Tags
  • Google Maps
  • Direct messaging
  • 3 Pictures
  • 'Plus' level +
  • 100 Word Description
  • Featured Status
  • Sticky Listing
  • 4 x SEO Backlinks
  • 6 Search Tags
  • Contact Form
  • Downloads area
  • Links to Social Media
  • Events Calendar listing
  • 3 Key Selling Points
  • 10 Pictures
  • 4 Videos

Please note: You need to be a member to purchase a listing (even the free one!). To protect your business and ensure you are the rightful owner, you need to register with an email account using your business domain e.g.  Using a @gmail account will not be accepted. Membership is free – click here to join instantly. 

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