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Trying to generate leads from your target market can be difficult and costly, especially when it relates to contact centre and CX products and services.  Google Adwords is expensive and difficult to manage, Facebook is poor for B2B, there are multiple industry associations vying for attention and LinkedIn is, well, just a struggle. 

Already trusted by tens of thousands of CX professionals and importantly, those also in the broader business community, CX Central has been steadily building as the go-to place for all CX and contact centre related resources and information.

Combined with our leading positions on Google search rankings, this means we are constantly receiving traffic from people trying to educate themselves and find solutions for call centre, contact centre, customer service and CX related issues making it the perfect place to promote your business.

Our Business Directory is designed to provide customers with an easy to use, self-service model where they can quickly find vendors who are specialists in a variety of CX and contact centre related products and services so they can reach out directly to you and learn more.

For the customers looking for extra help, we also offer our CX Connect service that will recommend suitable vendors based on their exact requirements. If you’d like to learn more about our CX Connect service and how you can receive high quality leads from us click here.

Options for the Australian CX Products and Services business directory

Why you should list your business:

  • Receive Targeted Leads

    With our strong Google search rankings and our authority within the CX and call centre community, our business directory receives constant searches from people looking for a specific solution.

  • It's cost effective

    If you’ve tried Adwords or other forms of Social Media you will know how expensive (and ineffective) it can be. With a free level and three paid levels, we’ve got a solution to suit every budget.

  • Boost your SEO

    All our paid business directory listings include at least one valuable backlink to your website that can help lift your SEO rankings for your own website.

How to add your business to the directory

We’ve made it really easy to list your business. You’ll just need to register a free account with us first to enable you to edit, upgrade or renew your listing at any time. Just follow the process below and you’ll have your business ready to be added to our directory in minutes.

  • 1. Join CX Central

    Register a free account with us – it only takes seconds to join. Click here to join instantly.

  • 2. Choose your level

    We’ve got an option to suit every budget! Simply click the ‘order now’ button below for the level you’d like to purchase.

  • 3. Enter your details

    Use our online form to enter the details for your business so customers know the products and services you offer.

  • 4. Click submit!

    We’ll review your listing, add all the necessary links and sprinkle in some SEO magic to get your business noticed!

Add your business

To get started, just select the level below – the prices are per listing for an entire year. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the inclusions for each level and compare the differences click here.

Free Level

The easy way to get your business listed in our directory along with a brief description of your business.

Classic Level - $295

Make your listing stand out and add your logo, contact number, website and more words to describe your business.

Plus Level - $695

As well as your listing, you’ll get an entire page on CX Central to add pictures, lead contacts and a video.

Platinum Level - $995

Supercharge your business with top of search results, space to add videos, brochures, pictures and more.

Just a reminder that you need to register on our site to add your business (even the free level!) and to protect your business, you also need to register with an email account using your business domain e.g.  Using a @gmail account will not be accepted. It’s free to register – click here to join instantly. 

Quick facts:

  • To enable you to edit, upgrade and renew your listing at any time you need to have a free account on our website (click here to join for free)
  • To protect your business, when you register a free account with us you must use a valid business name e.g. is not accepted)
  • Our free level includes your business name and 25 words to describe your business but it does not include contact details. For just $295 per year, you can add your logo, website, phone number and benefit from a backlink.
  • Paid options range from $295 per year to $995 per year (with most CX related Adwords costing over $30 per click it’s a bargain!).
  • Prices are per listing and you can purchase multiple listings, all at different levels.
  • Read our FAQ’s for more information.

Want to know more?

Everyone has their preference for the amount of information they’d like to digest and we also believe in full transparency with all our customers. So if you’d like to learn more please refer to the following links: