How much does Contact Centre Outsourcing in Australia cost?

Our Contact Centre Outsourcing in Australia Price Guide provides you with the essential information you need when you are considering to engage outsourcing companies to delivery contact centre services on your behalf whether it’s inbound or outbound, social media support, live chat and more.

Chapters include cost guides by country, the different type of commercial models available, set-up costs, what’s included in hourly rate models, a case study and more.

It’s a comprehensive guide that is vendor agnostic – written to enable you to make informed decisions about whether the contact centre outsourcing commercials will work for you.

For a more complete overview of contact centre outsourcing (this just focusses more on the costs), please refer to our Complete Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing.

What’s included in the Contact Centre Outsourcing Price Guide?

Written local Australian call centre industry veteran Justin Tippett, this guide provides you with an insight into the costs you can expect to pay for outsourcing in Australia, as well as indicative rates for call centre outsourcing conducted in offshore locations.

Categories include:

  • Indicative costs by country
  • Hourly rate inclusions
  • Set-up costs
  • The different commercial models
  • Low volume challenges
  • Sales and outbound telemarketing
  • Case Study

Where do you find a list of Contact Centre Outsourcers in Australia?

Once you’ve made the decision to outsource some or all of your contact centre, we’ve got two free and easy solutions to help you find the right call centre outsourcer for your business.

 1. Search the free CX Directory 

We’ve built a fast, easy to use Business Directory that has a dedicated category for contact centre outsourcers enabling you to quickly find outsourcers using filters like location and their area of expertise.

Once you find a contact centre outsourcer you like, simply reach out to them directly to engage.

Search the free CX Directory >

 2. Get some free advice 

Trying to find the right contact centre outsourcing partner can be hard work.

Finding the right person to talk to, repeating information over and over and trying to separate the marketing spiels from reality can be hard work.

Just contact us and we’ll help you refine your requirements and recommend the best suppliers for you – all for free.

Just leave your details below or contact us on 03 9008 7287

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Call Centre Outsourcing Cost Guide

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