Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Solutions are burgeoning in Australia

How Cloud contact centre solutions are the new frontier for call centre technology

Growth of Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Solutions in Australia is Surging

The Australian hosted and cloud contact centre market is continuing to grow, with high levels of market awareness and increasingly wide adoption.

A recent industry survey in 2019 revealed that 66% of Australian contact centres are currently investigating cloud-based contact centre solutions with a further 11% intending to soon.

Most hosted contact centre solutions providers in Australia now offer end to end capabilities which make it a highly attractive model for organisations looking to migrate from on-premise capital intensive solutions.

A Frost & Sullivan report identified Australia as one of the most established cloud contact centre markets in the Asia Pacific region with estimates the market was worth US$22 million in 2017 growing to US$67.1 million by 2022.

We explore the reasons why investment in cloud solutions for contact centres is continuing to increase along with some advice on how you can get more information on the right solution for your business.

Benefits of Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Technology

So why are so many businesses moving towards a hosted and cloud contact centre technology solution?

It’s almost a question of why wouldn’t they!

Let’s explore some of the key benefits of a cloud contact centre solution for your business:

1. Cost Savings

There is no expensive equipment to purchase upfront, you won’t need an IT department to administer it and there is typically a low cost per month per agent.

Some models also do away with the monthly fee and just charge a consumption model rate.

2. Scalability

Most commercial models work on a per agent per month model that can be scaled up and down to align with your business.

You can literally add a new user in a minute and during the quieter times for your business, simply ‘turn off’ agent licences to avoid unnecessary costs.

3. Flexibility

As all you need is an internet connection and an IP Phone (you can also use your mobile phone with a dedicated App) you can essentially be connected to your call centre anywhere in the world.

Want to run home-agents? No problems.

A hosted cloud contact centre solution is available 24/7 to agents anywhere with a phone and internet access.

4. Feature-packed

With hosted and cloud contact centre technology you have access to all the ‘standard’ call centre functions like an IVR (press one for this, two for that), call recording, Skilled Based Routing and so on through to complete multi-channel and omnichannel solutions as well as Outbound Diallers, Speech Analytics and more.

5. Secure

Modern cloud contact centre platforms have high redundancy and continuity as well as inbuilt disaster recovery and even PCI DSS payment facilities.

6. Integration

As well as providing you with all your contact centre functionality, cloud contact centre technology can easily integrate with your CRM or ERP systems providing a single view of the customer etc

How to access Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Technology

The main decision you need to make is whether you want as minimal IT involvement as possible or if you have the internal resources (e.g. an IT department) to manage some or all of the components for you.

Hosted Solution

For smaller businesses, the easiest way to access hosted and cloud contact centre technology is to use a provider that essentially takes care of everything you.

They will supply the software, SIP trunks etc as well as help you set it all up, provide training for staff etc.


For some larger call centres, they may want to host their SIP trunks themselves and use a vendor to just provide the software.

Like some free help in selecting the right contact centre software?

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