Community awareness

One of the objectives of CX Central is to educate the broader community and general public about the role the call centre industry plays in the every day lives of Australians.

Unfortunately most of the population associate the call centre industry with telemarketing, but there is an entire industry of call centre professionals that most of us interact with on a regular basis. From banking, insurances and superannuation through to services that perhaps you may never need, but when you do you will be glad there is a trained professional on the other end of the line.

From emergency services, counsellors, suicide help lines and more, all work in a call centre environment.

We hope you enjoy our articles below and next time you’re on the phone to a call centre, let them know you appreciate what they do! It will make there day and may just get you a little bonus as well :)

September 18, 2018
Triple Zero Heroes contact centre

Triple Zero Heroes

Every day, over 7,000 Victorians have to make a phone call to the Triple Zero contact centre and in this article, we get to meet some of the people who answer the calls - real-life Triple Zero Heroes!
August 3, 2017
How to stop telemarketing calls in Australia

How to stop telemarketing calls in Australia

Like most Australians, I get annoyed by telemarketing calls. But what can be done in Australia to stop telemarketing calls and what are the rules? We reveal the truth from inside the call centre industry.
May 10, 2017
Hello can you hear me scam hits Australia

The facts behind the ‘hello can you hear me’ scam

Australian Police have issued a warning about the "hello, can you hear me scam" that is allegedly using the victim's voice recording to make illegal purchases. We speak to call centre industry experts to find out if it's actually possible or if it's a case of fake news.
April 16, 2017

Australia’s call centre wait times exposed

In Channels Nine's latest bid for a Walkley Award, reporter Nat Wallace's investigation has revealed Australia's longest call centre wait times. Its a hard hitting piece of journalism that leaves no stone unturned in hunting down the worst offenders. OK think we've built it up enough...
December 7, 2016
Why Australian call centre jobs are GOING OFFSHORE

Why Australian call centres are going offshore

Being greeted by someone in an offshore call centre is becoming increasingly common so we explore why Australian call centres are going offshore. And with nine out of ten customers preferring a local call centre is it a risky move for any business?
May 10, 2016

Tips from a call centre agent to improve your call centre experience

Yes we know you hate calling us so we reveal some insider secrets to make your call centre experience more enjoyable for the both of us.
April 20, 2016
Common myths about working in a call centre

Common myths about working in a call centre

With hundreds of thousands of people working in call centres they can't be that bad right? We explore some of the myths about working in a call centre and seperate fact from fiction.
April 20, 2016
Australian Government announce new ILLEGAL CITIZENS HOTLINE

Call centre hotline to report illegal citizens

Channel Nine's A Current Affair are proudly announcing an "Australian Television Exclusive" allowing them inside a call centre hotline to report illegal citizens. We take sneak inside about how the call centre is playing an active role in keeping Australian borders safe.
February 8, 2016

Contact centres in the community – elders abuse line

Contact centres in the community play a number of critical roles - we explore the elders abuse hotline supporting some of our most vulnerable people.