Benefits of a staff exchange program

Global vacation exchange company DAE is introducing a new kind of exchange – a staff exchange between its Australian and New Zealand offices throughout February and March.

The program will see Australian and New Zealand customer service consultants spend up to two weeks working in the opposite country to better familiarize themselves with the local product and different needs of each market.

DAE Australia/New Zealand Regional Manager, Andre Tawaf, said the benefits of promoting staff education and interaction would be felt across the company.

“The staff exchange is an opportunity for our consultants to gain a better understanding of the products and resorts they exchange their local members into,” said Andre.

“This level of attention really stands out from a customer perspective.

“For example, when an Australian DAE member wants to book a New Zealand holiday, our Australian staff will be further educated on the New Zealand market and able to impart their own personal experience, and vice versa, ultimately improving the member’s experience.

“We also want staff to learn from each other’s business and create synergies to continually improve business efficiencies and, most importantly, the customer service across the Tasman.



“At DAE we are constantly expanding our online presence, but customer service is our focus. We love talking to and helping our customers, and many choose to call us simply to speak with a friendly and familiar member of staff.

“Members know that when they call DAE, they won’t be made to wait or put on hold. Our policy is for staff to answer an incoming call within 15 seconds, after which it rings every DAE phone, including managers’, where it will be picked up within 20 seconds.

“Currently, 98% of calls to DAE in Australia and New Zealand are answered within 15 seconds, with a consultant on the other end ready to address any member’s enquiry.

“That’s the DAE difference – our call centres are small, localised operations meaning every one of our customer service consultants undertakes a high level of personalised training, learning every facet of the business to best help customers with any request.

“We want to promote growth within our own company, motivating staff to expand their horizons with new experiences and challenges while rewarding them for their attitude and dedication to service.

“A staff exchange provides that opportunity and following this pilot program, we look forward to rolling it out across our global offices.

Article source: Dial An Exchange

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