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With the advances in internet connectivity for both businesses and consumers alike, a range of new support opportunities continue to surface that make a real tangible improvement to the customer experience. Traditionally customer support has been predominately voice based (i.e. landline or mobile) and more recently online support like email, chatbots and virtual assistants. But even they have their limitations and thats where visual engagement platforms are providing exciting new opportunities.

What are visual engagement platforms?

Visual engagement is the process of supporting customers through the use of video, face-to-face video conferencing, screen sharing, or co-browsing.

Particularly useful in a technical support capacity, it enables customers to show you the problems they are experiencing leading to quicker resolutions and happier customers. This could be online (sharing a screen to show a problem) or a physical setting for a diverse range of issues from showing a plumbing issue with a leaking pipe or a TV not working through to medical related support and more.

As visual engagement is a visible medium, where there is personal interaction (like in two-way video) it will also enable your agents to identify non-verbal cues like body language, facial expressions and more that if handled correctly, can lead to a better customer experience if the agent can read and respond to those cues.

The link to customer loyalty

With companies now realising the value of providing exceptional service there is little doubt that offering visual engagement support can be a distinct advantage over your competitors in the market place and is increasingly becoming expected in technical support environments.

According to a paper published by Forrester Research, Visual Engagement Drives Relationships and Revenue For Customer Service, the benefits of visual engagement include:

  • Better understanding between customers and agents during interactions
  • Ability to connect more emotionally between customer and agent
  • Improving first call resolutions
  • Reducing potentially frustrating and stressful situations
  • Overall improvement in customer engagement metrics

So where can I purchase a Visual Engagement platform?

We’ve listed below some of the popular suppliers of Visual Engagement platforms – simply browse and connect with a supplier for more information.

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