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Customer Experience / CX Improvement 

Learn how to improve the Customer Experience (CX) in your business with these free whitepapers and guides written by industry experts.
  • CX Innovation using Agile & DevOps Transformation

    Learn more about Agile and DevOps to improve your CX

    This Frost & Sullivan white paper examines the critical importance of automated testing and monitoring, as well as putting in place an effective measurement system to drive CX transformation.

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  • Ecosystm Global CX Study

    Global CX Study - How Knowledge Management can contribute to CX

    In mid-2019, Ecosystm conducted a global study of 1011 senior customer service and technology professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the initiatives being undertaken to improve their customer experience.

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  • Reduce Customer Effort with Intelligent Self-Service

    Reduce customer effort with intelligent self-service

    Make things easier for your customers with intelligent self-service

    A great White Paper including the five guiding principles for service design and the four pillars of intelligent self-service.

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  • Top 6 Benefits of Improving your CX Assurance

    How to automate your CX Assurance 

    More and more organizations are understanding the value of delivering a high-quality customer experience, and investing in improving their CX assurance processes. We reveal the top 6 Benefits of automating your CX Assurance.

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