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CX Technology

There is no question that Customer Experience (CX for short) is becoming the key differentiator for businesses trying to gain an edge on their competitors. More than ever, technology is becoming a key enabler to delivering a great customer experience and the downloads available on this page highlight some of the various options available to businesses today. Simply download the free whitepapers and guides on CX Technology below:
  • Capturing the spoken word - using Big Data to improve the CX

    Capturing the spoken word - using Big Data to improve the CX

    How to use big data to improve your CX

    Learn how to unlock the power of the spoken word in your call centre through speech analytics technology. A critical Big Data resource in improving the customer experience.

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  • Decision Makers Guide to Enterprise Intelligence Assistants

    Learn more about Intelligent Bots 

    Opus Research presents a comprehensive assessment of the current Intelligent Assistant (IA) and bot solution provider landscape with special focus on 28 vendors offering “enterprise-grade” solutions.

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  • Nuance VocalPassword full cover

    Nuance VocalPassword

    Learn more about Voice Biometrics

    Learn more about Voice Biometrics with this great White Paper from Nuance focussing on their VocalPassword product.

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  • Pros and Cons of Cloud Contact Centre

    Pros and Cons of Cloud Contact Centres

    Learn more about Cloud Contact Centre Technology

    Learn the different types of cloud contact centres and some cost comparisons in this short 7-page White-paper on the Pros and Cons of Cloud Contact Centres.

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  • State of the Telephony Market

    Great insight into how telephony is changing - fast!

    The rapid acceleration of technological change has opened up vast opportunity, and businesses have been forced to respond in increasingly agile ways, in order to survive and thrive.

    For our 2018 white paper, we’re digging further into these commercial imperatives and examining what the changing environment may mean for telephony.

    We’ll look at societal shifts from the global down to the individual – and find out why that personal touch is becoming more essential than ever before.

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  • The Top 10 Chatbots For Enterprise Customer Service

    The Top 10 Chatbots For Enterprise Customer Service

    Chatbot solutions for businesses 

    A white paper that explores the benefits of chatbots and the top vendors across the globe.

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