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Contact Centre & Customer Experience Tools

We've got a number of free tools you can download to help you improve your contact centre and customer experience knowledge. From Erlang C Calculators, Customer Retention Calculators and a Phonetic Alphabet, the tools are designed to make it easier for you to deliver an efficient and effective operation.
  • Customer Retention Calculator Excel download

    Customer Retention Calculator

    Customer Retention Calculator

    Quickly calculate your Customer Retention Rate (CRR) using this free excel calculator.

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  • driver tree examples in a contact centre

    Driver Tree Examples

    An example of how Driver Trees are used in contact centres. For more information and context listen to the CX Central Podcast with guest Amy Gibson who kindly supplied these driver trees.

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  • Erlang C Call Centre Calculator

    Free Erlang C Call Centre Calculator

    Free Erlang C Calculator

    One of the fundamental objectives of contact centre management is to ensure there are just the right amount of staff to meet the call demand. Our free Erlang C Calculator enables you to easily model a range of different scenarios to work out what's the right mix for your business.

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  • Phonetic Alphabet Download

    Download our Phonetic Alphabet that prints on one A4 piece of paper in three different sizes so you can easily attach one to your desk, phone, screen etc.

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  • ROI Calculator

    Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

    One of the most common tools used in determining the value of an investment in a business. Download the calculator in Microsoft Excel.

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