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Outcome-Based Contracts

As customer service professionals encounter mounting pressure to deliver a high quality, lower-effort customer experience, they are increasingly looking at their outsourcing contracts and reassessing how their providers can help them achieve better outcomes.

The result is a marked uptick in interest in moving to an outcome-based pricing model.

But is your organisation willing to change the way it thinks about outsourcing to ensure that an outcome-based contract really delivers better business results?

The premise of outcome-based pricing is that companies can hold their vendors to greater accountability for business outcomes.

While this can certainly be true and beneficial for all parties, creating successful outcomes larger undertaking: namely, making the organisational, cultural, and procedural changes necessary to support a far more symbiotic and strategic company/provider relationship.

Successful outcome-based pricing models require executing a well-planned strategy that elevates outsourcing providers to trusted advisors and partners.

Above all, this means sharing control and accountability as you ask your vendors to take on more risk.

This in-depth white paper provides guidance in what to expect when you decide to move to outcome-based pricing, preparing you for areas of thought and discussion both internally and with your outsourcing requires far more than swapping out the language in outsourcing contracts.

Achieving measurable gains in outcomes can only come when both the company wishing to outsource and the outsourcing vendor are willing to commit to a provider.

You’ll gain an understanding of the steps you need to take when adopting this new type of relationship with your service provider.

Throughout, you’ll find tips and best practices for determining the best model for your company.