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Date added January 7, 2019
Category CX Improvement

Reduce customer effort with intelligent self-service

The challenge of automating customer experience “May you live in interesting times” is purported to be an English phrase translated from an ancient Chinese curse.

There are no actual references to the original Chinese source, however, it certainly applies to the state of current-day customer interactions. For customer experience professionals today, the drivers of these “interesting times” are many.

Strategic differentiation, growing revenue, increasing loyalty, reducing cost, improving the customer experience, reducing customer effort, improving the agent experience, digital transformation, and the path to artificial intelligence are just samples of the streams of influence in developing effective customer self-service interactions.

The all-encompassing question quickly becomes: How do we position our companies’ service chains in light of these diverse forces of change?

This paper presents two concepts to assist in meeting the challenges these forces represent.

The first concept includes five guiding principles for service design:

  1. Creating natural interactions that feel almost human-like
  2. Providing an intelligent first point of contact
  3. Building personalised, predictive self-service
  4. Providing contextual awareness
  5. Building consistent experiences across channels

The second concept is based on four pillars of intelligent self-service:

  1. Speech-based user interfaces
  2. Voice Biometrics
  3. Virtual Assistants
  4. Conversational IVR

Understanding and implementing some or all of these concepts will help you optimise your existing service platforms, and simultaneously position your business for success in the future.