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State of the Telephony Market

In 2016, Natterbox collaborated with the University of Sussex Innovation Centre to produce a research report on the state of the global B2B telecommunications market, and the types of companies that depend upon it.

That paper, Micro- Multinationals: Business Beyond Borders examined the growing trend of SMEs reaching a global marketplace through the smart adoption of technology.

Two years on, the world has changed significantly – and the world of communications technology is no exception.

The rapid acceleration of technological change has opened up vast opportunity, and businesses have been forced to respond in increasingly agile ways, in order to survive and thrive.

For our 2018 white paper, we’re digging further into these commercial imperatives and examining what the changing environment may mean for telephony.

We’ll look at societal shifts from the global down to the individual – and find out why that personal touch is becoming more essential than ever before.