How to find new call centre outsourcing customers

If you work in, manage or own a call centre outsourcing business you already know how hard it is to find quality leads. At CX Central we’ve worked hard to provide a new alternative to make it easier for you to find quality customers.

From our leading Business Directory for call centre outsourcers, our new CX Connect service and range of free resources on call centre outsourcing our aim is to support both businesses and call centre outsourcers in developing successful and sustainable partnerships that benefit both parties.

But more than just a great resource, we offer exceptional value. With the cost of Google Adwords well over $50 per click for keywords relating to call centre outsourcing, our directory starts at just $295 per year enabling you to leverage off our top rankings on Google to get traffic looking at your business.

Quick facts about CX Central

Top ranking in Google

It’s taken years of work but we are now the top ranked key word for a range of call centre related search terms such as ‘call centre outsourcers in Australia’ providing our website with significant traffic for people looking to find call centre outsourcers.

Over 28k followers

We’ve now got an audience of over 28k followers across our various social media platforms providing us with a signifiant social media presence and reach.

Quality Information

We provide a range of vendor agnostic guides, articles and tips to provide information to those wanting to learn more about call centre outsourcing.

How we help businesses find a call centre outsourcer:

We want to provide a one stop shop for businesses looking for quality call centre outsourcing. We believe its all about providing customers with choice so they can find an outsourcer using a method that suits them.


Our Business Directory enables customers to search for call centre outsourcers using a range of useful filters including by country, by specialists skills and within Australia, by state and region enabling them to quickly locate and connect to suitable partners.

We do the work for them

For those new to outsourcing or short on time, our free CX Connect service will help customers accurately define their requirements enabling us to recommend outsourcers perfectly aligned to their requirements.

Engage an expert

Our Business Directory contains a category for specialist consultants that can help with all aspects of call centre outsourcing – from requirements gathering, RFI/RFP management, on-boarding, optimisation and more.


We’ve written a range of free helpful guides to educate people on call centre outsourcing so they can make informed decisions about whether its right for them, the different models, expected costs, typical stages and more.

Learn more about Self-serve

For many of us, the first steps in looking for a business partner is to go to your trusted business network or to a credible source of information. With an audience of over 28k followers (and growing!) that we’ve established over many years we’d like to think we’ve got the credibility box ticked – in fact in 2016 we were awarded the most trusted call centre brand in Australia voted for by customers.

But the next step for most people is Google. And that’s why businesses spend thousands, and often hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to obtain the elusive top position on the search results.

With years of providing great content and a deliberate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy we are now in the top position, or on the front page for most call centre outsourcing related key words. Click here to see an example. This provides a steady stream of customers 24/7 who are actively looking for a call centre outsourcer who land directly on our Business Directory for call centre outsourcers.

With the cost per click on Google for most ‘call centre outsourcing’ related keywords over $50 per click our prices start from just $295 per year providing exceptional value. Our Classic level includes your logo, link to your website, phone number and 50 words to describe your business and our Plus and Platinum listings enable you to add videos, search tags, your own landing page, direct contacts, pictures and more.

And as an added bonus, having a link to your website from our directory will help improve the SEO ranking of your website!

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Learn more about CX Connect

We all know how frustrating it can be to generate the type of high quality leads that become real opportunities for your business. We’ve all had those horrible experiences where we’ve spent time drafting up proposals for no return – it’s incredibly time consuming and at the end of the day, it negatively impacts your business’ bottom line.

Our focus is to ensure we only provide you with highly qualified leads where we take the time to understand the customers requirements and align those to your requirements.  No more leads where the customer had no idea about the actual cost of outsourcing, didn’t really know what they wanted or where you spend valuable time trying to qualify whether a lead is actually worth while. 

With our comprehensive online wizard combined with telephone and live chat support we ensure we fully qualify every lead we refer to you, and even better, you can configure (via our portal) the exact types of leads you are interesting in receiving. Simply put, if the lead doesn’t align with your expectations we won’t send it to you.

Its free to join the program and you’ll only pay us a small commission if you are succesful in converting the lead we refer to you. We’ve even got generous payment terms to ensure you get paid before you need to pay our commission ensuring there is no negative impact to your cash flow. There’s full transparency in your dashboard and we even offer the customer ongoing (paid) support if they would like professional help during the contract negotiation and on-boarding phase making it a much smoother process for both parties.

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Learn more about our free call centre outsourcing resources

Our aim is to ensure we support businesses considering call centre outsourcing to make informed decisions when looking to engage a call centre outsourcing partner. Traditionally though, the information you find online about call centre outsourcing is related to promotional content that specific outsourcers have published to directly promote their services.   

We’ve tried to change that by writing a range of vendor agnostic free guides for customers to download as well as publishing a range of articles that cover call centre outsourcing along with the latest industry news

The complete guide to call centre outsourcing

Like to know more?

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help generate leads for your call centre outsourcing business contact us on 1300 292 368.