Call centre sales tips

For many people there is strong correlation between call centres and sales and there is no doubt sales related jobs employ a significant amount of people in the call centre industry.

Thats why we’ve grouped all our articles with call centre sales tips together so you can quickly find articles that can help you with telemarketing, up-selling, cross selling, cold calling, handling objections and more to increase your sales conversions and boost your bonuses!

October 25, 2017

The two crucial sales behaviours that technology can’t replicate (yet)

How to future-proof your sales job with two behaviours that technology can’t replicate (yet)
June 29, 2017

Cold calling tips for telemarketers

If you work in a telemarketing role we got some cold calling tips for telemarketers that will help you close more sales and earn more money!
January 4, 2017

How to handle cold call objections

There are some people that fear cold calling more than death! Here are 5 tips to help handle cold call objections so you can leave death for another day.