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March 15, 2018
The 2018 Australian Contact Centre Industry Report

2018 Australian Contact Centre Industry Report

Its been a long time between drinks but the 2018 Australian Contact Centre Industry Report has finally been published with some interesting results. We reveal some of the key findings in this helpful info-graph courtesy of Fifth Quadrant.
February 22, 2018

Australian businesses falling behind in AI adoption

A new report on AI adoption has revealed Australia is falling behind on the global stage however a strong local awareness of AI is expected to lead to significant investment over the next 5 years.
October 3, 2017
Investment in analytics

Investment in analytics and AI on the rise in Australian contact centres

New research from Bluewolf has revealed Investment in analytics and AI on the rise in Australian contact centres as they focus on improving the CX to improve customer loyalty and profitability.
July 30, 2017

More Australian call centre agents working from home than ever before

A new survey released by SMAART recruitment has revealed more Australian call centre agents are working from home than ever before as contact centre technology improves to the point its a replica of working in a traditional call centre with all the comforts of home and no commuting time.
April 16, 2017

Australia’s call centre wait times exposed

In Channels Nine's latest bid for a Walkley Award, reporter Nat Wallace's investigation has revealed Australia's longest call centre wait times. Its a hard hitting piece of journalism that leaves no stone unturned in hunting down the worst offenders. OK think we've built it up enough...
March 13, 2017

Summary of Contact Centre Week 2017

Justin Tippett, co-conference chair shares his summary of contact centre week 2017 with some key learnings, quick takeaways and some interesting stats.
March 8, 2017

How the Centrelink call centre lies about their stats

How the Centrelink call centre lies about their stats has been revealed in a Senate Estimates committee uncovering some horrible customer experiences and the crazy wait times customers have to put up with.
February 21, 2017

The Evolution of CX in the Australian Government Contact Centre

A look at the Evolution of CX in the Australian Government Contact Centre and what Australians can expect from government departments in the future. And lets face it, there is plenty of room for improvement!
January 25, 2017

Why Contact Centres are critical to CX over the next decade

From the Author: A nice change from the usual doom and gloom articles that all predict the end of contact centres as we know it. A new survey, admittedly sponsored […]
January 2, 2017

Contact centre managers are clueless

Not the most flattering headline but according to a recent survey by Ovum, contact centre managers are clueless when it comes to understanding how much customers are using the internet […]
December 13, 2016

Aussies love of messaging apps is on the rise – new research

A quick walk through any populated area and you wont be surprised to learn that the aussies love of messaging apps is on the rise.Recent data has revealed the growing transition on how Australian's are moving to messaging apps with SMS and voice calls on the decline. But whats it mean for business?
December 9, 2016

How the Australian tax office is using a virtual assistant to improve self service

The ATO has released some data revealing the impact the introduction of their Virtual Assistance, Alex, is having on the their call centre. If you were looking for some data on the benefits of introducing automation for enquiries then you will find this interesting.
December 8, 2016

The rise and rise of messaging apps

How the rise of messaging apps popularity is forcing businesses to rethink their entire customer management strategy as customer channels start to explode across the different messaging platforms.
December 1, 2016
Australia's Christmas shopping preferences

Australia’s 2016 Christmas shopping preferences

A new survey has revealed what Santa will be bringing you for Christmas 2016 along with results on where and when the shopping will be done and the influence online shopping is having on the retail sector.
November 30, 2016

Contact Centre CX – Its all about the resolution

Customer Operations executives are continually refining their service delivery models to accommodate for new digital strategies, new business growth, ever increasing performance expectations of internal stakeholders or simply to cut […]
November 24, 2016
Why you need to understand MILLENNIALS

Customer service tips for millennials

They are the most dominant spenders on the planet and their expectations on interacting with businesses is very different to the traditional customer service approach. We found out what millennials need and expect by going straight to the source. OK take a big breath...
November 6, 2016
Contact centres failing in social media delivery

Contact centres failing in social media delivery

A new study by Sydney based On Message has revealed that contact centres are failing in Social Media Delivery in a new study using Microsoft Messenger.
October 25, 2016

How much would you pay to avoid working weekends?

Despite a noticeable shift in flexible working arrangements, including working from home options, recent research suggests that our best social interactions with friends and family still occur more on weekends […]
October 4, 2016

New UK research suggests voice still the preferred channel

New research from the UK reveals people are still ‘talkers’  not ‘tappers’ and would rather talk to someone than reach for the touch screen. Despite there being an app for almost […]
July 28, 2016

How Sportsbet Customer Service is changing the game

With over 2M customers and turnover of $4B, Sportsbet recently provided some great insight the strategy behind the Sportsbet Customer Service transformation. Its a rare insight into how companies are using data and an multi-channel approach to customer acquisition and retention.
July 26, 2016

4 Call Centre Myths debunked

We love any article that tries to bust a few myths about the contact centre industry and Callback software provider Fonolo have recently published the article below that takes on four […]
July 12, 2016
Providing bad customer service in Australia is vey costly for business

The cost of bad customer service in Australia

What is bad customer service costing your organisation? According to the latest research Australian businesses lose over 4 Billion dollars by not providing a great customer experience. Thankfully there is one simple solution to help improve your customer service that is free to implement and costs nothing to purchase.
June 23, 2016

The top 25 companies to work in Australia

June 23, 2016

Charity donations on the rise

With a number of outbound and telemarketing contact centres focussing on the fundraising sector there was some good news with charity donations on the rise across the country according to […]
May 11, 2016

Millennials and men are the most demanding

A new survey conducted in the UK has revealed that Millennials and men are the most demanding when it comes to customer service in a survey conducted by Lithium Technologies. Just […]