7 GIFS About call centre life

7 GIFS about call centre life

Call centre life in 7 GIFS

Seems like everyone has a view and opinion about what it’s like working in a call centre, and sometimes it’s fair to say it’s not flattering.

And when you work in a call centre, well you will know all the different nuances that make up the very unique call centre life.

Of course, there are lots of different types of call centres out there – from customer service, sales, tech support, counselling, emergency services and the list goes on.

But no matter which type of call centre you work in, or where in the world it is, there are some things that we can all relate to.

I’ve pulled together some of the views my family, friends and work colleagues have expressed over the years about what they think call centre life is like.

Call centre life in 7 GIFS

1. What my friends think I do:

I seriously think my friends are certain that working in a call centre is a cruisy job that requires no skill whatsoever.

You know, a monkey could do it.. or the modern take “can’t a robot do your job now anyway?”

Or the classic “Why do people even need to speak to a real person anyway, surely they can just get the answers online now”.

cartoon typing with feet

2. What my boss thinks I do all day:

Ah, the boss… Always thinks we can take more calls, make more sales, be more productive.

Maybe they should try sitting on the phones just once and see how they go.

Relaxing at desk pan

3. What my brain feels like doing all day:

Sure I’m required to concentrate, operate multiple systems etc and listen to a customer all day.

But trying to listen to some customers who feel compelled to tell me their entire life story that isn’t even close to relevant as to why they called…

You try staying awake! Coffee and no-doze may just become your best friends.

Chandler falling asleep


4. What my CEO thinks our workplace is like:

Despite completing numerous staff satisfaction surveys and telling management exactly what I think,  and staff turning over more than Australian Prime Ministers, our CEO still thinks that our workplace is just full of happy people just thankful to have a job. Flog.

flying high

5. Other roles I compare mine to:

What you don’t see behind the phone call is the complexity of some of the things we have to deal with!

Handling a customer at the same time as multiple systems, policies, procedures, product manuals, CRM tools and adherence schedules all while having every second of your shift recorded and every interaction rated to within an inch of its life.

OK, it’s not NASA but it can be bloody complicated!

Space work

6. What I often feel like doing. Often.

Hey, we all have an off day right?

There are lots of things that can frustrate you working in a call centre.

From having to deal with more than my fair share of complete morons through to continually handling the same calls about the same problems because management never listen and act on anything.

So sometimes I..well… I just need to drink.

A lot.

Drinking wine

7. What I really, really want to do:

Speaking of morons, sometimes it takes every fibre of strength in my body not to just let rip and tell a customer what I really think of them.

Fucking die mam

So there you have it, 7 GIFS of call centre life.

If there’s any more we should add to the list let us know in the comments.

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