Funny Call Centre Work GIFS

funny call centre work GIFS

Funny Call Centre Work GIFS

You may not find our funny call centre GIFS that funny if you still work in one…

But hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are taking life too seriously!

You may have figured it out already but I actually enjoy working in the call centre industry.

And asides from some good career prospects, one of the best things about working in a contact centre is making some great friendships with bonds that will last a lifetime.


Because when you share the same experiences as the people you are sitting next to day in and day out it makes it easy to relate to each other!

But what about similar experiences with other call centres?

With thousands of call centres in Australia and even more across the world, there are of course many different types of call types, customers, products and services.

But despite all those differences, there are some things I think are common to all call centre workers.

I hope you enjoy…!

7 Funny Call Centre Work GIFS

1. The heart-stopping panic when you’re not sure if you pressed the mute button

The precious mute button is a life saver when you work in a call centre allowing you to vent your frustration about what a asshole your current customer is to sympathetic workmates.

Of course, the key component to having that relief is actually pressing the button….

Cue massive panic attack as you frantically check whether you actually pressed it or if the customer just heard your entire spray!sheldon-panic

2. The deflating feeling you get when the manager excitedly tells you that “the systems are back up and running”

It’s an awesome feeling when the phone systems go down in the call centre (which happens more often than you think!).

Whilst the management team and the IT guys are running around in a hysterical mess, for the call centre agent its normally some well-needed downtime and the chance to enjoy an unscheduled break.

So when a miraculous fix has been found and you know you then have to face a queue of angry callers its borderline shattering!  Sigh…squidword-deflating

3. “I understand your frustration…”

Yep, its a line we trot out a lot.

But the reality is that I’m supposed to be dealing with mature age adults who by now should realise that going totally ballistic at a poor defenceless call centre agent is not going to help you one little bit.

Thankfully I’m a trained professional and with my calm, soothing tone and assurance that I will “look into your problem right away” we’ll be friends again in no time.


4. The confusion with the phonetic alphabet

Got to love some of my customers. I’ve heard everything from ‘N’ for knife through to ‘K’ for carrot but hey I can forgive them because they are not trained professionals.

Of course, we know them all off by heart right…

OK so every now and then I might forget and improvise with ‘D’ for Dog, ‘B’ for Bob or my personal favourite “S’ or Sea or “N” for Knife (I mean what could go wrong???).

BTW we’ve got a free downloadable phonetic alphabet you can stick next to your screen so you aren’t stuck again ๐Ÿ™‚


5. Trying to shove some food in your mouth between calls.

Do I or don’t I???

Running the numbers faster than Usain Bolt I’ve calculated the time before the next call so I go for it!

Then, as sure as a getting a speed camera fine in Melbourne, approximately 3 seconds after my mouth is full the phone rings and I spend the entire conversation with my cheeks bursting at the seams!


6. Not having to give the slightest care to how you look.

OK so perhaps I try a little bit for the sake of my co-workers but lets face it, as far as the customer is aware you are dam hot.  Work it, girlfriend.


7. The warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy when a customer actually says something nice.

Isn’t it just awesome when a customer gives you a compliment?

“Thanks so much for your help”, “really appreciate your advice”, ‘it was a pleasure speaking to you” are magic words to hear and you can never get enough of it!

Thank you, kind customer!


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