Employee Turnover

Employee turnover refers to the number or percentage of workers who leave an organisation and are replaced by new employees during a defined period.

One thing to note is that Turnover differs from Attrition.

Employee Attrition occurs when an employee retires or when the employer eliminates the position. The big difference between the two is that when turnover occurs, the company seeks someone to replace the employee.

But in the case of attrition, the employer leaves that vacancy unfilled or eliminates that job role.

How do you calculate Employee Turnover?

Add the number of employees at the beginning of the period to the number at the end. Divide by two to find the average number of employees, then divide the number of employees separated during the period by the average number of employees to find the employee turnover rate.


Here’s a visual example on how to calculate employee turnover:

How to calculate employee turnover in a contact centre

What causes employee turnover?

You’ll find a list of the top causes of employee turnover on our employee attrition page but if your hands are tired from too much clicking (you really need to harden up) but here are the top 3:

  1. Management
  2. Alignment and involvement
  3. Employee Enablement

What is the average employee turnover rate for a contact centre in Australia?

The most recent industry released in 2019 confirmed that an average contact centre will lose 45% of its staff annually: 22% to external turnover (left the organisation) and 23% to internal turnover (moved to another internal department).

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