Interval reports break up the day up into smaller time intervals enabling you to analyse data in smaller chunks.

The benefit of Interval reports

Often used in call centres, interval reports or statistics(aka Intraday) enable you to analyse performance in the call centre at particular time periods during the day, rather than just an entire average for a day.

An example is if you are reviewing Average Handling Time to use as part of your Erlang calculations to determine how many staff you need.

Look at this chart below:

Average Handling Time Interval Report
Average Handling Time Interval Report

The AHT average for the entire day was 284 seconds.

But if you used 284 seconds to model how many staff you needed to handle the call volumes 8:30 you would have a problem.

AHT for that particular interval was 360 seconds meaning the calls are going longer than the daily average.

In that instance, you’ve got a choice:

Put more staff on, or accept a lower Service Level.

That is the benefit of Intraday reports!

Example of 30 Minute Interval Report

Example of intraday statistics

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