ISO Standards

ISO is a global Quality Framework (ISO stands for International Standard Organization) that is often applied to call centres and customer service functions.

There is a range of ISO different standards but the ones that most typically relates to call centres, customer service, complaints departments etc are:

  • ISO9001 Quality  Management
  • ISO27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO 182945 Customer Contact Centres
  • ISO 10001 Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations
  • ISO 10002 Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
  • ISO 10003 Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations
  • ISO 10004 Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for monitoring and measuring

If you need to learn more about the ISO standards visit their website.

Do you need to have ISO certification?

It depends.

If your call centre is part of, or plans to service, large corporate businesses then yes, you will most likely need certification.

In Australia, ISO certification is often mandatory for a number of Public Sector outsourcing opportunities.

Even if you don’t need it, the ISO framework can often be a great audit tool for your business as it sets minimum expectations and benchmarks ensuring you are operating at global best-practice.

Whilst not an ISO Standard, you may also be interested in learning more about the PCI-DSS requirements if you are handling payments over the phone.

Need help with your ISO Standards?

We’ve got a list of specialist consultants who can help implement and/or audit your business against ISO Standards for Customer Service and Contact Centres on our CX Directory > 


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