Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software or Knowledge Management System (KMS for short) provides the right information, at the right time, for a call centre agent.

This significantly improves the customer experience and has proven benefits in increasing the efficiency of the call centre.

So what does Knowledge Management Software do in a call centre?

Think of it as a GPS, it provides real-time guidance to help you get to where you are driving.

You still have to drive the car of course (well for now anyway!), the GPS simple provides you with the right advice and directions to help you get to where you are going.

The same applies to Knowledge Management Software in a call centre.

The agent is still in control of the call, but receives guidance and support to ensure the right outcome is provided to the customer.

It’s like following the bouncing ball, ensuring the call agent knows what to do for each scenario they are handling.

It’s also incredibly fast – rather than have to read large chunks of text, knowledge Management Software can present just the answer that is required saving a heap of time on the call for both the customer and your contact centre.

What are the benefits of Knowledge Management Software?

Lots. Consider this:

  • 25% reduction in AHT
  • 50% reduction in induction periods
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction



Yeah but I’ve got an Intranet so do I need a Knowledge Management platform?


It’s like saying I’ve got Google Maps on my phone so I don’t need a GPS.

They are two different things.

I’m yet to visit any call centre that won’t benefit from Knowledge Management Software.

How much is Knowledge Management Software?

Most KMS systems are cloud-based and are specifically built for a contact centre environment.

Being cloud-based, there are minimal setup costs and most systems are less than $50 AUD per person per month enabling you to completely scale as your business grows.

The Return on Investment is a no-brainer.

Limitations of Knowledge Management Software?

Junk in, junk out.

The set-up of the call centre Knowledge Software is critical to ensure you can easily search and find information, and most importantly that the information in the KMS is correct.

Most leading KMS platforms have great authoring tools and compliance checking to ensure all stakeholders within the business have agreed to each and every process.

And don’t worry about privacy – many of the leading Knowledge Management Software providers are used in banks, health insurance etc and pass the most stringent data protection requirements.



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