Predictive Dialler

A Predictive Dialler is the modern day torture device for call centre agents and customers alike that is designed to increase the efficiency of making outbound calls.

OK, does that sound a little harsh?

What is a Predictive Dialler?

The job of a Predictive Dialler is to ‘predict’ when the next outbound call centre agent will be ready to handle an outbound call and just before that, it dials the customer in advance.

When the customer answers the call it ‘drops’ the agent into the call so they can say their greeting.

A Predictive Dialler is an incredibly efficient way to make the most of call centre agents valuable time and is used in practically all outbound sales and telemarketing contact centres.

The Predictive Dialler will eliminate answering machines, no answers etc so your agents won’t have their time wasted dialling wrong numbers, no answers etc as the call will only be dropped into the agent when the predictive dialler has detected there is a ‘live’ human at the other end.

A Predictive Dialler can also be programmed to leave little to no breaks between calls for call centre agents albeit this can lead to agent burn out if not managed appropriately.

For the customers, it’s the cause of the delay when you answer the phone and there is a noticeable silence.

The delay is caused by the Predictive Dialler not quite getting it right and there wasn’t an agent ready to drop into the call.

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