Quality Framework

A Quality Framework is a structured program that sits across an entire organisation to set boundaries and structure to quality improvement.

The simple theory being that each ‘section’ of a business has an influence on quality.

There are lots of theories, models and structures you will find online but broadly they can be defined as having four key entities or stakeholders:

The four entities of a Quality Framework

1. Customer Demand (Stakeholders)

There has to be a reason for your business to exist.

To meet a customer demand for something.

It might be a product, service or both.

But one thing is for sure, very rarely does it ever stand still.

2. Direction (Policy)

The business leaders have to decide how they will respond to that market demand.

Setting the Corporate Plans, the Vision and Mission for the organisation and the Goals and Objectives.

3. Facilities (Organisation)

How the business will meet the corporate plans etc.

This includes the organisation structure, the incentive programs and the quality management systems.

4.  Products and Services (Means)

Where the business actually produces the products or services including the people, resources and the means of production.

You can read more about this model including a great diagram on the Business Analysis Excellence website.


Call centre QA frameworks can be categorised (operational, tactical or strategic) according to the impact they have on the customer experience and thusly on actual business results. This is especially true when we look to measure performance and how those metrics are gathered and interpreted.  These frameworks can help QA managers to more strategically and objectively look at the big picture when examining the inherent challenges and growth opportunities. 

Every call centre will, at one point or another, finds itself working within an evolutionary framework that may be categorised as either (or a blend of)  operational, tactical, or strategic. When viewed through the lens of these evolutionary frameworks, goals are more easily identifiable as are key performance indicators (KPIs). These frameworks will change call centrequality assurance measurement from the subjective to the objective. They work to simplify, often complex data analysis, and bring clarity to what we know as a delicate science. 

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