Short Calls

Short calls in a call centre environment are typically defined as calls with a duration of less than 10 seconds.

Why should you monitor Short Calls?

There are some naughty agents out there that think its a pretty cool idea to answer a call and then hang up on the customer as a way of improving their stats.

For a customer, of course, this is an infuriating experience.

Especially if they have waited some time to be connected to an agent only for it to then be disconnected.

For the agent though, it’s going to look like they have handled lots of calls which may (but hopefully not) is linked to either minimum standards or worse still, rewards.

So how do you prevent short calls?

One of the best ways is to avoid your agents being motivated to answer lots of calls in the first place.

Targets for numbers of calls answered is not the way to drive improvement in a call centre – we have numerous articles on this if you need more convincing.

If however, you find yourself in the situation the next best thing is to ensure you are monitoring short calls so if there is any issues, it can be dealt with immediately.

How do you monitor Short Calls?

If you don’t have a call centre ACD system you have very limited options to monitor short calls apart from observation.

This, of course, is a pretty useless ambition as if an agent is being observed they are less likely to be hanging up on customers.

But, if you own some good camouflage gear and some binoculars knock yourself out 🙂

Thankfully most call centre systems have built-in reporting and a fairly standard report is literally called the ‘Short Calls’ report.

You can run a short calls report by agent or centre.

Modern call centre systems will also be able to determine who initiated the disconnect first.

Next steps

Remember, like all metrics, you should like at averages over time rather than a specific moment in time.

But if you ran a monthly report and there was one agent who had significantly higher short calls than the rest of your centre, it’s a good place to focus.

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