Team Leader

A call centre Team Leader is the person directly responsible for managing a team of call centre agents.

Call Centre Team Leaders (aka Contact Centre Team Leaders) have the enviable task of trying to improve the performance of each individual employee to help meet the organisation’s goals and complete a range of administration and management tasks.

Oh, and also be product and systems experts.

And take escalations.

Run reports.

Manage sick leave and so on.

How hard could that be?

How many staff do call centre Team Leaders normally manage?

Ratios are Team Leaders to agents are typically between 1:10 to 1:16.

In fact, according to the latest contact centre industry survey in 2019, the average team size is 11.7 agents with 13-15 agents the most common.

The actual ratio can be influenced by:

  • The complexity of the call centre role (more complex = less direct reports)
  • Duties (refer below where some Team Leaders do everything, some just focus on coaching)
  • Industry type

One thing that is consistent though is that both contact centre Team Leaders and agents prefer smaller team sizes.

What are the normal duties of a Call Centre Team Leader?

In nearly every call centre I’ve been to the Team Leaders work dam hard.

In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a role in the call centre that works harder.

Just check out this list:

  • Develop Staff
  • Support Staff
    • Handle escalations
    • Provide answers and guidance to staff
    • Support agents to perform their job
  • Be a Manager
    • Lead and Inspire
    • Communicate company news
    • Facilitate meetings
  • Do Admin
    • Leave approvals
    • Payroll information
    • Rosters
    • Approve transactions
  • Self Development
    • Attend briefings
    • Management training
    • Improve technical skills
  • Other
    • Take overflow calls
    • Help with R&R
    • Organise engagement activities

In some centres, call centre Team Leaders are expected to perform all of the above duties.

Perhaps now you get a feel for why they are possibly the most important people in your call centre!

What KPIs do call centre Team Leaders have?

Again, it depends on a range of factors and the objectives of the broader business.

For call centres that have a big focus on quality, Team Leaders often have KPIs on the amount of coaching they perform as well as the average quality score across the entire team.

Some centres will have productivity targets with a focus on AHT, Attendance and Adherence which the Team Leader has some influence on.

There can also be targets on NPS, Staff Satisfaction Survey results and more.

Of course, some call centre Team Leaders have nothing.

Like any Key Performance Indicators, thought should be put into selecting KPIs that are going to drive the right behaviours in your centre.

Want Team Leaders to focus on coaching for example?

Have a KPI on the minimum hours they need to spend coaching each week.

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