Everything you need to know about Outsourcing your call centre in Australia

If you are considering to outsource some or all of your call centre functions, our Complete Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia is written to help you understand the various components required for a successful call centre outsourcing partnership.

Of course, the modern call centre is now more commonly referred to as a contact centre as they provide more than just call answering or telemarketing calls.

Today’s modern contact centre outsourcer can offer everything from support with direct mail and in-store staffing (e.g. kiosks) through to social media management, live chat and of course inbound and outbound calls.

What’s included in the Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia?

Written by call centre industry veteran Justin Tippett, this comprehensive yet easy to read guide to call centre outsourcing will provide you with an insight into the different nuances involved in call centre outsourcing with 16 chapters covering everything from what functions can be outsourced, commercial models, staff management, quality assurance and more.

You’ll be empowered to make informed decisions on what to look for when trying to find a call centre outsourcer including common risks, popular metrics, reporting expectations through to things that often get missed in outsourcing contracts.

Our Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia is completely agnostic (not sponsored or written by a call centre outsourcing business) so the information is not trying to sell you anything, it’s designed to educate you on call centre outsourcing to give you the best chance of a successful outsourcing experience.

Where do you find Call Centre Outsourcers in Australia?

Once you’ve made the decision to outsource your call centre, we’ve got two easy (and free) solutions to help you find the right outsourcer for your business.

 1. Search a List of Call Centre Outsourcers in Australia 

We have a dedicated category for Australian call centre outsourcers in our CX Directory where you can search specifically for call centre outsourcers by location and area of expertise.

Once you find a call centre outsourcer you like, simply reach out to them directly to engage.

 2. Use our free CX Connect Service 

Trying to find the right call centre outsourcing partner can be hard work.

Getting access to talk to the right person, repeating information over and over and trying to work out fact from fiction.

Our free service does the work for you – simply complete our online form to specify your requirements and then we’ll arrange for quality tested and recommended outsourcers to submit their proposals directly to you.

You are still free to negotiate the pricing and final solution with the outsourcers of your choice – Simple!

Complete Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia