ASTIA upgrade to new and improved office

ASTIA upgrade to larger premises to accomodate growth

ASTIA upgrade to new and improved office

Sydney, Australia, 30th April 2018 Less than a year after the official launch, ASTIA Customer Engagement Centre has upgraded to a new and improved office space. Boasting 6 clients and having grown from 20 FTE in February 2017 to now over 50 FTE, ASTIA are setting up for further future growth, taking a leap into the fancy ex Spotify office equipped with an epic Rolling Stones pinball machine.

To call it an upgrade is an understatement; the team at ASTIA are settling in for the long term and gearing up for future growth. “We always knew the time would come, moving from our first office space in Kippax street to this amazing fit out, just goes to show the hard work and effort our entire team have put in – and we’ve only just begun,” says the ASTIA General Manager Glendon Evarts.

Off the back of the success that is Skills Certified Australia, a business that has leapt from strength to strength, this little start up in Surry Hills is now establishing itself as a professional on-shore outsourced contact centre providing premium customer acquisition and customer service expertise to the likes of Police Bank, Skymesh, SuperConcepts and Skills Certified to name a few.

“We have big growth goals and a pipeline of opportunity knocking at our door, we just need to make sure we keep looking after our clients, and our amazing employees who make this all possible” says Glendon.


ASTIA stands for Acquisition & Service To Inspire & Achieve and is a premium Customer Engagement Centre servicing and growing businesses via; high volume customer acquisition, OmniChannel customer engagement and digital marketing services.

Having emerged in the Financial Services market, the ASTIA team have developed a unique ability to represent its partners and their products or services through natural yet effective interactions, even in highly regulated environments.

Whilst we specialise in growing and servicing our client’s customer base, they can focus on their core business.

About Skills Certified Australia

There are many people in Australia who have experience, skills and knowledge that is just not formally recognised. Skills Certified Australia is proud to work with these individuals to turn their existing skills into nationally recognised qualifications, without the need for further study.

Skills Certified Australia focuses on delivering a bespoke service to all customers and ensuring that the unique needs of each individual are met throughout the process. By working with proactive people, who are willing to take the next step to achieve their true potential, Skills Certified Australia is rapidly establishing itself as Australia’s leading facilitator of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

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