Australian BPO TSA Group opens new Philippines call centre

Australian TSA Group opens new Philippines call centre

TSA Group opens new Philippines call centre

With 1,000 employees already working in the Philippines in their Makati site, Australian BPO TSA Group have now opened a second site providing accommodation for close to 500 staff.

Starting their Philippines operations with just 15 staff over 4 years ago, and the TSA Group is steadily expanding their operations and business portfolio according to Daniel Hill-Smith, Group Sales & Service Manager.

Luke Kenny, CEO of TSA Group indicated “We are very proud of the achievements in the Philippines in such as short span of time, and we are looking forward to continually growing our presence here,”.

The centre will provide support for a range of clients including one of TSA’s major industry partners, Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunication company.

“The Philippine operations have provided TSA the opportunity to become more competitive in the industries that it serves. We truly appreciate the business environment, the reliable infrastructure and the availability of quality talents.”

The TSA Philippines team will handle Inbound and outbound sales, customer service, administration and back office activities on behalf of their clients across retail, financial services, insurance, telecommunications and utilities industries in Australia.

In addition to nearly 500 operational seats, the new centre features five team huddle areas, over 25 unique one-on-one coaching areas, a themed pantry and lunch area, a game room where non-duty agents can relax and unwind, a table tennis area, boardroom, and its own sleeping quarters.

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