Call centre workers plead guilty (almost)

Call centre workers plead guilty to theft
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Call centre workers plead guilty to skimming accounts (almost)

You may recall the article back in July about two call centre workers being arrested for skimming customer accounts. As a quick recap two (contracted) call centre workers were arrested for ActewAGL allegedly skimming customers accounts of approximately $13,000. Emails, recorded phone calls and bank accounts were all used in evidence as part of the investigation.

Well it was their day in court today but it didn’t quite go as expected…

Jessica Kate Anderson, 29 pleaded guilty to 8 charges however her co-accused, Taylor Jade Geoghegan, pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Given what would appear to be a fair amount of evidence as we reported on earlier, personally that seems a little weird but hey I’m no lawyer and I certainly don’t understand or normally agree with our judicial penalties on a lot of things.

Anderson will be sentenced in the ACT Supreme Court and Geoghegan will be back in court in November.

We’ll keep you posted.

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