Using outsourcing solutions for businesses

Outsourcing solutions for businesses

Outsourcing Solutions for Businesses

Thousands of startups all over the world are already using outsourcing solutions for businesses like accounting, human resources, and even customer service.

Now, businesses can even pay third parties to do essential services including developing, deploying, and maintaining core business applications and collecting, managing, and analysing big data.

Small-business owners only have so much time and can quickly become overwhelmed by their efforts to grow a company.

This is when outsourcing is a huge advantage.

Outsourcing is not exactly new, but today’s cloud-oriented environment has introduced innovative ways to execute certain business or technological processes that will not break the bank for a small business.

John Boitnott, on, offers a number of concepts, best practices, and resources on how you can use outsourcing solutions for businesses.

Marketing Automation

Automation plays a key role in the success of a business, as it usually allows for more time and resources to be dedicated to other areas.

A variety of tasks can be automated, and various tools exist to make it happen. Social Media Marketing, for example, can be a cumbersome activity for understaffed companies.

To address this, a number of outsourcers offer affordable plans that cover daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other accounts.

The content is specifically crafted for your business or industry and can be targeted to promote products or services.

These companies also provide social-profile optimisation to improve visibility to the intended audience.

Content Development

There are also a number of outsourcers who offer web content solutions for businesses that may not be able to produce the content required to promote or sustain their business.

The offerings include blog posts, white papers, website copy, product descriptions, articles, and local content.

These services are an excellent option for startups that have the technical know-how to develop their product but need help in building descriptive marketing copy.

Customer Service

Not all companies can afford to maintain an in-house customer service team.

Additionally, not all companies can offer expertise in customer service for their product, and choose to outsource their customer service to experts.

On the flip side, not all companies can afford to outsource live customer service decisions, therefore rely on cloud-based solutions, which enables customers to find useful information themselves, and then chat directly with customer service staff for additional information.

Big Data and Analytics

Simply measuring the business with data isn’t enough. To determine where the business is doing well and where improvements can be made, it’s important to analyse the data you’ve collected.

Some companies don’t have the capability to develop analytics on their data, therefore outsource to experts.

Small-business owners can use cloud-based tools to collect data about their processes to determine existing or potential roadblocks to efficiency and productivity.

Boitnott says, “Many small startup teams are too busy raising funds or actually running the company to market it effectively, analyze data, or provide extensive customer service. I know successful founders who feel that devoting time to marketing and some of these other areas distracts and maybe even detracts from their ability to build a viable product, at least at first. Outsourcing these marketing, automation, and customer outreach services will get around that, enabling a business to focus on facilitating growth and establishing sustainability”.

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