Phonetic Alphabet

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Phonetic Alphabet – why every call centre agent should have one

There is some amazing technology, training and processes that will help you develop an award-winning customer experience but sometimes it’s the things that don’t cost a cent that are the most important! A Phonetic Alphabet is a great way to improve professionalism, improve data accuracy and even make your call centre more efficient.

What is a Phonetic Alphabet?

Its the universally recognised “A for Alpha, B for Bravo, C for Charlie” alphabet also known as the military alphabet, spelling alphabet, NATA phonetic alphabet or “that thing where you use the names to spell the words”.

What does a Phonetic Alphabet do?

In short, it makes conversing with a customer a whole lot more professional when trying to spell out words using an internationally recognised alphabet. It also saves your staff improvising with the classics like “D” for Dog, ‘C’ for Cat or some more concerning ones like ‘n’ for knife, or ‘s’ for champagne…

What are the benefits of using a Phonetic Alphabet?

Aside from sounding a lot more professional, using a phonetic alphabet will increase the accuracy of your information, decrease talk time and reduce customer frustrations which in call centre world, are all pretty important outcomes.

The phonetic alphabet painted on a wall
The phonetic alphabet painted on a wall

How to download our free Phonetic Alphabet

Our members can instantly download our free template that prints on A4 paper with three different sizes so you can cut out the one that will fit perfectly on your monitor, desk etc. Not a member? Just click here to join instantly!

Phonetic Alphabet on monitor
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The Phonetic Alphabet:

If you don’t want to download a handy template to stick on your monitor we’ve just listed the Phonetic Alphabet below for your reference.

A – Alpha

B – Bravo

C – Charlie

D – Delta

E – Echo

F – Foxtrot

G – Golf

H – Hotel

I – Indiana

J – Juliet

K – Kilo

L – Lima

M – Mike

N – November

O – Oscar

P – Papa

Q – Quebec

R – Romeo

S – Sierra

T – Tango

U – Uniform

V – Victor

W – Whiskey

X – X-Ray

Y – Yankee

Z – Zulu