Triple Zero Contact Centre Part 2

Inside the Triple Zero contact centre part 2
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Triple Zero Contact Centre Part 2

We continue our fascinating insight into the Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority (ESTA) who manage the Triple Zero call centre for Victoria. In this episode, Part 2, we continue our chat with Dr. Amee Morgans exploring the following topics:

  • Training
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Performance Reviews and Quality Targets
  • Support Ratios
  • How staff are supported
  • Real stories
  • How ESTA works with agencies to improve outcomes for the community
  • The consequences of getting things wrong
  • What the future looks like (video calls, omnichannel, drones, etc)

If you missed Part One of our Podcast you can listen to it here or you can find us directly on iTunes. Also, don’t miss our fascinating chat with two of the amazing staff to find out what makes them tick along with how they handle the pressure of the job. Read: Triple Zero Heroes

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