Understanding Erlang C for call centres

In this episode, we talk again to industry guru Daniel Ord to learn more about Erlang C and how the mathematical formula is the basis for understanding how to calculate Service Levels and Workload in a contact centre.

Whilst we mentioned the words maths and formula’s though, I promise it’s not boring or technical!

Understanding how Erlang C works and how to model different scenarios in your call centre is a fundamental skill all call centre managers should have in the toolkit.

This episode will ensure you:

  • Have a basic understanding of what Erlang C is.
  • Know what Erlang C can and can’t be used for.
  • Know what metrics you need to use an Erlang C Calculator.

Download the Erlang C Calculator

You can download our Erlang C Calculator here

Listen to the Podcast

Listen directly below or download through iTunes etc and listen on the way to/from work!

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