Unity4 leveraging Behavioural Economics for call centre scripting

UNITY4 leveraging behavioural economics
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Unity4 leveraging Behavioural Economics

4 May, 2018, Sydney Australia

Unity4, one of the world’s largest remote agent call centres has been optimising its call scripting using the latest learnings from behavioural science.

“Behavioural Economics has become an important input into call centre interactions with customers and we have already seen major benefits as we roll it out across the group,” said Executive Chairman Daniel Turner

We are fortunate in this regard that one of our directors, Mark Vaughan, has worked intensively in this space including a stint at the Behavioural Architects, one of the world’s leading Behavioural Economics consultancies.

Mark is working with our sales coaches to ensure that our scripts are refined through a BE lens. Our goal is to improve customer engagement and ROI for all our clients and the early signs are incredibly promising,” continued Turner.

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There is a great deal of data around the use of BE, particularly in the NFP area and we see it as the driver of our third strategic leg; right agent, right prospect, right message.”

About Unity4. Unity 4 is a global, tech-enabled service business that operates in the contact centre space. Unity4 has offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Unity4 is one of the largest 100% at-home agent contact centres in the world as well as a leading provider of end-to end cloud-based call centre technology.

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