Amazing Team Leader Scoring Model


Download Marc Carriere’s Amazing Team Leader Scoring Model to compare your Team Leaders with the traits, characteristics and practices of amazing Team Leaders. This model is ideal for finding critical areas for developing existing Team Leaders; and when recruiting new candidates, using its interview scoring section and interview questions to select the best candidates to lead your teams.

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Amazing Call Centre Team Leader Scoring Model

Identifying the soft skills Team Leaders need to effectively lead their teams can be challenging.

This model has been developed based on over 30 years of experience successfully running and consulting on call centres and the Lominger Standard 67 Competencies and Definitions of Great Leaders to come up with the 43 characteristics and traits of amazing Team Leaders used in this scoring tool.

There is a scoring element for each criteria making it easier to identify those competencies Team Leaders excel in and other competencies that can be worked on with some coaching to improve.

And, when recruiting new Team Leaders the key to selecting the right person is being aware of all of the traits, characteristics and practices of successful Team Leaders, so you can look for them in prospective candidates when recruiting from outside or promoting from within.

Obviously, you want the right person from the start because even if you need to help them learn the hard skills they’ll need to be successful it’s always easier and quicker coaching someone who has the right traits and characteristics to begin with!

To make selecting the right candidate easier for you the Interview Section comes with a shortened list of the top traits and characteristics and 26 Interview Questions you can use when recruiting new Team Leaders externally or promoting from within.

Who Should Get This Scoring Model

This scoring model is ideal for people responsible for the success of their call centre who want to identify the traits and practices of successful Team Leaders as compared with their existing leadership group, so they can create development plans to enhance their existing Team Leaders.

And, with its shortened scoring criteria and Interview Questions, it’s an extremely useful tool for recruiting new Team Leaders whether you’re looking to promote from within or finding new candidates externally.

Easy to Follow

The Amazing Team Leader Scoring Model provides you with 43 traits, characteristics of amazing Team Leaders to score your existing leaders to identify which soft skill areas they are proficient in and where they need coaching/training to excel in to lead winning teams.

Interview Scoring

Use the Interview Scoring section to help you easily identify and score those traits and characteristics that are most important to you and your organization between Team Leader candidates when recruiting.

Interview Questions

Choose from 26 open-ended Interview Questions to help you get the information you need from prospective Team Leader candidates to decide on which candidate is the best fit for your team.

This Scoring Model will help you identify areas of high competency and areas that can be improved with additional training and coaching for your existing Team Leaders, and also help you find the best Team Leader candidates to successfully lead your teams.