Coachable Call Structure and Training Guide


Download Marc Carriere’s Guide for creating and training a coachable call structure to help Team Leaders easily coach frontline agents to significantly increase their success when handling any call type.

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Team members need an easy-to-understand Call Structure that sets out all the key steps, in the proper sequence, they should follow to achieve positive outcomes whether handling customer service calls, booking appointments or making sales.

For instance, when asking sales underperformers where they need the most help, pretty much all of them will tell you they need help in closing the sale. But when you listen to a few of their calls you find they’re losing people way back in the beginning of the call – usually not long after ‘Hello’ and they’re are oblivious to it!

An effective Call Structure crystallizes the steps when handling or making a call, and when done correctly is easy to learn and really easy to coach.

This guide outlines different Call Structures for both Sales and Customer Service and explains how best to create them, together with a step by step tutorial on how to train your unique call structure.

A high-level view of the coachable call structure for sales

Who Should Get This Guide

This guide is ideal for those responsible for the success of their call centre, especially Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders, who want their team members to have greater success on their calls – whether those calls are inbound/outbound sales or customer service calls.

Easy to Train and Coach

The tutorial within the guide shows you the easiest and most effective way to train and coach Team Leaders and team members on how to effectively use your call structures to reach their targets and KPIs every month.

This guide will help you turn underperformers into productive team members so you can finally say Goodbye to the stress and frustration of consistently missing your targets and KPIs each month!

The guide is in a PDF format that will be available immediately after purchase.