Erlang C Calculator PRO


Download our Erlang C Calculator PRO and model your Service Levels, AHT, Staff numbers and more for your call centre.

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Erlang C Calculator PRO

Running a contact centre can be hard work, especially when you are under constant pressure to do more with less.

Our Erlang C Calculator PRO enables you to take the guesswork out of trying to determine how many agents you need to meet your service levels.

But more than that, with 5 different calculators built-in it enables you to model a whole range of different scenarios including:

  • Model the impact changing Average Handle Times has on your Service Levels or number of agents required
  • Model the impact changing call volumes have on your Service Levels
  • Model the changes in agents you need if you want higher or lower Service Levels

The calculator is easy to use and enables you to enter your own data directly into the spreadsheets.

Model the Impact of call volumes on Service Levels

In the example below, you can see how the call volumes increase by 5 in the Interactions column (interactions can be call volumes, live chat etc) and the resulting impact it has on Service Levels. This can be a great tool for working out the ROI of process improvements, systems upgrades etc.

Erlang C showing the impact of call volumes on Service Levels

Model the Impact of call volumes on Service Levels

In this example, you can see how many agents you need to achieve Service Levels by interval period. As you can see by interval period where you are either under or over staffed, it’s great tool for adjusting shift times and seeing the impact it has on your Service Levels.

Erlang C Calculator showing Service levels by interval period
Erlang C Calculator showing forecasted agents required to meet service levels against how many actual agents you have (so you can easily see which intervals are causing issues).

Easy to Use

We’ve made the calculator easy to use so you can model a number of different scenarios with each field including instructions/guidance on what to do.  Erlang C Calculator PRO input fields

You don’t need to invest in expensive software and tools worth thousands of dollars – this Erlang C Calculator PRO will provide you with all information you need to take back control of your call centre.

Please note: This calculator is built in Microsoft Excel and you need to enable Macros for it to work on your desktop. It will be available immediately after purchase for you to download.