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Starting from $27.00 AUD

Target contact centre, customer service, CX and BPO professionals to promote your conference, course, webinar etc on our Events Calendar.

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Promote your Event on CX Central

With over 10,000 unique visitors to CX Central every month, this is of the best (and most cost-effective) marketing investments you can make to promote your event with prices starting from just $27.00 AUD to list your event.  The CX Industry Events Calendar is specifically used by industry professionals specifically looking for training courses, conferences, networking events, workshops and webinars to attend either for themselves or their teams.

To add your event to the calendar, prices start from a low $27.00 AUD, and you can direct any enquiries and bookings directly to your chosen URL, all we do is list your event on the calendar to make it easier for people to find!

The Events Calendar is vendor-agnostic, we list all the upcoming events in one place. From Auscontact events, CX SkillsCOPC and so on through to small boutique events or one-off webinars, they are all located on the Events Calendar.

As the Events Calendar lists every single event coming up (regardless of who the organiser is), it makes it easier for people to find out what’s coming up so they can plan their budgets and dairies for both themselves and their employees all in the one location.