Team ‘Buy In’ Template


Download Marc Carriere’s Team ‘Buy In’ Template for Team Leaders to use to quickly and easily to get the ‘Buy In’ they need from team members before rolling out any new tools, processes or when introducing new skills trainings.

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Before rolling out anything new, whether that’s new tools or processes or even new skills trainings, you need to prepare everyone on your team and get their Buy In.

If you don’t get their Buy In early and before you introduce change, some people will be quite resistant to the changes you need to implement, which can cause unnecessary delays and disharmony within the team. In some cases, people may even try to sabotage your plans!

Resistance usually stems from one’s fear of moving outside of their comfort zone, even when new things will bring them tremendous benefits. And, because moving out of their comfort zone is often very uncomfortable, their initial reaction is to resist any change especially when other team members speak out about making changes!

The most important thing about getting Buy In from team members is to have a strong message tailored to your specific audience explaining why it’s necessary to bring about change and the benefits any change will bring to them.

The Team ‘Buy In’ Template provides you with a proven template you can use to effectively communicate the reasons why change is needed from your team member’s perspective and specifically show them the benefits they’ll receive from these changes to get everyone on board before launching any change.

Who Should Get This Template

This template is ideal for people responsible for the success of their call centre (especially Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders) who want an effective process to get the Buy In needed to smoothly pave the way with team members for any new changes that are needed to be made with the team.

Easy to Follow

In 4 simple steps the Team ‘Buy In’ Template guides you through how to create an honest persuasive ‘pitch’ that includes a strong and compelling story about why you feel you want to introduce these changes.

It will also help you determine the benefits of the changes you’ll be introducing, so that each team member can understand what’s specifically in it for them.

Following this template and implementing its process will not only help you stop confusion and resistance to change, but actually deliver the support you need from your team to move forward with your changes!

This Team ‘Buy In’ Template is a PDF document and will be available to download immediately after purchase.