Team Leader Scheduler Tool


Download Marc Carriere’s Team Leader Scheduler Tool to easily and quickly help you ensure that all of a Team Leader’s critical activities are prioritized properly and allotted with the time needed to effectively get them done each week.

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All too often when you ask a Team Leader how much time they spend on coaching and training their team members most of them will tell you not enough; and quickly follow that up with how they wish they had enough time because many of their team really needs it!

The main reason they give for not training or coaching more often is that they don’t have the time with all the different administration, human resources, reporting and supervision tasks they have to do every day.

To be fair, some have a point when you look at all the different things they have to do each day and every week. If that’s the case in your centre, you need to seriously have a look at what can be handled by an administrator or the HR team, rather than the Team Leader because, after all, their number 1 priority should be having their team reach its targets and KPIs each week, right?

Spending the Time and Energy on what counts

This scheduling tool quickly zeros in on the critical tasks Team Leaders should be focused on each week and makes sure they are spending their time and energy on critical key result areas such as providing really effective coaching and training.

Who Should Get This Tool

This tool is an ideal for Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders who want to ensure that the critical activities, and necessary time to effectively achieve these activities, are scheduled each week to drive teams to regularly hit its targets and KPIs.

Easy to Follow

The tool follows a simple two-step process by firstly determining the most important priority tasks, how long the task should take and when the best times to complete these critical tasks.

The Team Leader Scheduler Tool is downloaded in Microsoft Excel and will be available immediately after purchase.