Team Leader Skills Audits and Coaching Plans Guide


Download Marc Carriere’s Guide for conducting Skills Audits and Coaching Plans for Team Leaders to ensure that any of their skill deficiencies or shortfalls are identified and then addressed with Coaching Plans to ensure they effectively coach, nurture and lead their teams to consistently reach their targets and KPIs.

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One of the biggest challenges Call Center Managers face when developing Coaching Plans for Team Leaders is figuring out where to start, and where to get the best expertise for those areas they aren’t necessarily strong in themselves.

One of the easiest ways for Call Centre Managers to identify any skill deficiencies with their Team Leaders is to conduct a Skills Audit that covers all the Team Leading, Functional and Technical skills needed to be amazing leaders.

Skills Audits also make it much easier to identify if there are any skills areas that a number of Team Leaders need help in, so a decision can be made to provide individual or group training or coaching sessions to address skills needs.

The best thing about developing a Coaching Plan after conducting a Skills Audit is the confidence Call Center Managers gain by knowing they’re taking a systematic approach to cover any skills deficiencies their Team Leaders have with a plan to get them the skills they need as soon as possible.

Who Should Get This Guide

This guide is an ideal road map for Call Centre Managers who want to stay on top of the skills needs of their Team Leaders to ensure they have all the skills and tools needed to turn underperformers into Top Guns!

Easy to Follow

The Team Leader Skills Audits and Coaching Plan Guide provides you with step-by-step processes that are easy to follow to set up both Skills Audits and Coaching Plans.

Each template can be easily amended to your specific needs and completed within 30 minutes (or less), and once done will only need to be changed as the areas for audit and coaching change.

The Team Leader Skills Audits and Coaching Plans Guide is downloaded in Microsoft Excel and will be available immediately after purchase.