How to Submit a Blog on CX Central

If’ you’d like to submit a blog on CX Central you’ve come to the right location!

Our aim is to share quality, engaging content for our audience of CX professionals based predominately in Australia.

We welcome guest blogs and articles from all over the world and if approved, we will:

  • Share your blog with our audience (we have the highest ranked site in Australia dedicated only to CX and Contact Centres and over 30k followers).
  • Format the article with graphics, custom title etc.
  • Apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices to ensure your article continues to receive ongoing traffic.

Submitting a blog is a great way to increase your profile (that ultimately benefits you or your business) and, of course, it’s a great way to contribute to improve the CX and contact centre best practice in our industry.

How to submit a blog on CX Central

Prerequisites to submit a blog on CX Central

We love supporting and publishing Guest Authors on CX Central so to ensure your article has the best chance of being published, please ensure:

  • Your article content will appeal to CX professionals working in either CX or Contact Centres.
  • Your content is original.
  • You don’t stuff a bunch of backlinks into the article.
  • The author is clearly identified (our audience wants to hear and learn from real people, not brands).
  • We recommend being between 500 and 1500 words long.
  • It’s not just an article promoting your business – if that’s what you want to do please refer to our advertising options.
  • Our preference is for ‘how to’, ‘guides to’, best-practice tips, thought leadership etc.

Ready to submit your blog to CX Central?

To ensure your article has the best chance of approval please ensure the following mandatory information is included:

  • The article (pretty obvious you would think!)
  • Information about the author that will appear at the bottom of the article. The bio can include:
    • No more than 60 words description
    • Job Title and Business
    • One link to the business
    • Social Media links (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter etc)
  • Any images associated with the article (e.g graphs)

All articles are subject to approval and may be edited at our discretion.

To submit your article, please use our online form – this will ensure all the required information is captured as well as enabling us to ensure your article receives the maximum reach to your target audience.

You can also email us at however this may take longer.

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