How to Submit a Blog on CX Central

Our aim is to share quality, engaging content for our audience of contact centre and customer experience professionals based predominately in Australia but we also have a good following in the USA, Canada, Philippines, New Zealand and more.

We welcome you to submit a blog and receive the following benefits, all for free:

  • We’ll share your blog with our audience (The #1 website in Australia dedicated to Customer Experience and Contact Centres professionals)
  • We’ll format the article with graphics, custom title etc.
  • We’ll apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices to maximise the ongoing exposure to your article (so you’ll keep getting views even after the initial publication).

Submitting a blog is a great way to contribute to improve the customer experience and contact centre best practice in our industry and, of course, in return, it can help increase exposure for your personal or business brand.

How to submit a blog on CX Central
Writing a blog is a great way to increase the exposure of your people, product and service by helping others.

Guidelines on submitting a blog on CX Central

We love supporting and publishing Guest Authors on CX Central so to ensure your article has the best chance of being published, please ensure:

  • Your article content will need to appeal to people working in either Customer Experience (CX) or Contact Centres. Our audience demographics range from frontline agents through to experienced executives and we encourage you to review the article categories on our website to get a feel for the different options available but to give you some ideas:
    • Tips for contact centre managers
    • Managing remote employees (really contact centre or customer service focussed)
    • Best practice for customer experience
    • How to be a better Team Leader
    • Executive trends and thought leadership in customer service, customer experience and contact centres
    • Technology that can improve efficiency in customer management
    • Recruiting and retaining frontline employees
    • How to boost engagement levels in frontline agents
  • Your content is original (we don’t publish content that has already been posted elsewhere).
  • You don’t use a bunch of backlinks throughout the article back to your business (We allow one link to your business in the author bio only. Any other backlinks in your article must only be used to support facts, quotes etc).
  • The author is clearly identified (our audience wants to hear and learn from real people, not brands) so the article must be attributed to a real person (yes we will check).
  • We recommend a minimum of 500 words
  • It’s not just an article promoting your business – if that’s what you want to do please refer to our advertising options.
  • You can’t include a Call To Action (that would be considered advertising).  Rather, at the end of each article, we typically refer customers to our CX Directory where they can find a list of suitable suppliers.  We encourage you to make sure your business is listed to make the most of lead generation opportunities – you can view the available options here.

How to submit your blog to CX Central

To ensure your article has the best chance of approval we use an online form to ensure we receive all the information we require. Mandatory information includes:

  • A well-written article free of grammatical and spelling errors that is relevant to our audience
  • A short bio about the author (that appears at the bottom of the article). The bio can include:
    • No more than 60 words description
    • Job Title and Business
    • One backlink to your business
    • Social Media links (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter etc)
  • Any images associated with the article (e.g graphs)

All articles are subject to approval and may be edited at our discretion.

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