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Our aim is to share quality, engaging content that is free from advertising to help educate, challenge, inspire and entertain our audience and we are regularly looking for guest authors to share their knowledge and experience.

With a large audience of CX & contact centre professionals, submitting an article is a great way to contribute to our community, whilst at the same time, giving your personal or business profile a little boost!

Given our diverse audience from agents through to senior executives, we accept articles on a variety of topics so if you’d like to contribute just submit your article via our online form.

Please make sure you read our FAQ section below prior to submitting an article. If in doubt, please contact us.

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Benefits of being a Guest Author

  • Increase awareness & authority

    With our large audience of CX & Call centre professionals, it’s the perfect way to get your personal or business brand out into the market without paying a cent.

  • We'll polish up your article

    We want your article to look great so we’ll add the right graphics, create your author bio, add titles, configure your article for SEO, spell and grammar check and more!

  • Website link

    For the SEO savvy out there, you know the value of having a link back to your website! All our published articles will include a link back to your website helping the search rankings for your own website.

Guest Author Quick Tips

We love supporting and publishing Guest Authors on CX Central so to ensure your article has the best chance of being published, please read our FAQs below and follow these quick tips:

  • Make sure you can easily be identified. Our audience wants to hear from real people with real experiences.
  • Consider our audience (of CX Professionals) when writing your article as the content needs to educate, entertain, challenge or inspire them. Content that’s poorly written or not relevant for our audience won’t be accepted.
  • Don’t stuff a bunch of links back to your business into your article.
  • Don’t just promote your business or tell us how good your products or services are (we have advertising options for that). If your content is engaging enough people will want to learn more about you and that’s the best way to generate interest in you or your brand.
  • All our articles are manually reviewed so don’t try and ‘trick’ the system, it won’t work 😉

Frequently asked questions about submitting an article

What are the benefits of being a Guest Author on CX Central?

We are committed to ensuring we provide high quality content for our audience and all articles will be correctly formatted and styled with copyright free images where relevant.

As long as your content is great we’ll make sure it looks great! From correct formatting, adding graphics and a nice cover image through to important things like properly indexing your article to maximise search engine capabilities. So even after your article is shared with thousands of CX professionals, our high SEO rankings will ensure more people will continue to enjoy your content even after its initial release.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll be in great company! We’ve published many great articles from numerous local and global leaders in the CX and call centre industry and this is your opportunity to be featured right next to them.

Does my article have to be original content?

We prefer original content that has not been published elsewhere (including LinkedIn) and this will have a much higher chance of being published than modified or reused content.

Remember, as you will be acknowledged as the guest author, having your article published on CX Central is an even better way to get your content in front of a larger audience (and you can still share it on LinkedIn and to your network anyway).

Is there a preferred word limit?

We find articles around 500 words tend to be more popular but of course, it depends on the content and the message you are trying to communicate. We don’t have any hard and fast rules but make sure you check out some of our published articles to get a feel for the type of content we publish.

Can I include external links in my article?
We allow external links to any references used in the article as long as they add value to the article and aren’t just linking back to your product or business.

Can I include links to my business? 

We allow one external link back to your business as long as its relevant to the article.  Other links related to the article are acceptable if it provides additional content or information to the reader (e.g. Wikipedia).  Articles with multiple links back to your business will not be accepted.

How will I know if my article is published?

When we publish your article we’ll tag you on social media!

Do you accept articles from anyone?

You need to be a member of CX Central to submit an article. Click here to join for free – but make sure you read below first

To ensure we protect peoples privacy and don’t falsely represent brands, you need to be a real identifiable person. Articles submitted with a @gmail address, a generic name (e.g. or where there is no corresponding LinkedIn profile, will not generally be accepted. The best way of ensuring your content is published is using a company email address (e.g.

Is there any particular topic I have to write about?

We have a very broad audience of CX professionals from agents through to senior executives. As long as it’s centred around CX, call centres, contact centres, customer service, technology, management, leadership, staff engagement, training,  etc then there is a good chance we will publish it.

When you submit your article, we will ask you who your preferred target audience is.

Is there anything you won’t publish?

One thing we are very strict on is no blatant advertising for your business. Our audience expects that the content we publish will add value to them as a reader and not just be advertising your particular product or service. If you are interested in specifically promoting your products please refer to our advertising options.

Will I be acknowledged as the author?

Absolutely! At the bottom of your article will be your author profile that provides your bio and links to your social media accounts and business (if you’d like to include them). You can see a list of all the Guest Authors who have published an article on CX Central here.

What do you need for the author bio section?

To ensure we give you the credit you deserve, we ask for a short summary about you (under 50 words) along with a photo, links to your social media accounts (optional) and a link to your business.

Will I receive any feedback if my article isn’t accepted?

With the number of submissions we receive, we can’t guarantee it but we do our best to ensure we provide feedback to anyone who takes the time to submit an article.